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    I'm considering MAYBE purchasing another handgun if I can find a good deal on one (the FiveseveN cleaned me out pretty well). It'll either be an FNP .40 cal, USP 40 Compact, XD40, or maybe a .40 cal CZ pistol. What are the general prices for these weapons? What would generally be considered a "good deal" for one? I've noticed a lot of variation in the prices, especially right now when people are buying up firearms like crazy, so I could really use a general price range to look for for some of these. I was hoping to see some decent deals at a recent gun show in my town, but I literally almost started laughing at the sellers because their gun and ammo prices were that bad. They laughed at me when I said I picked up 500 rounds of SS197 ammo for $190 including shipping and could pick up SS195 sold by the box (not bulk) for low to mid $20's per 50 round box.


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    A nice CZ sidearm (CZ SP-01 Tactical) should retail for around 600.00 or possibly less.

    The XD .40 compact and FNP .40 retail for around 500.00 - 650.00 depending on your area.

    The HK USP .40 retails for around 700.00 or more and are over prices in my opinion (I don't think HK is all that great).

    Out of the three, I would go with CZ. They have the best quality, and make excellent shooters. The design alone of the CZ gives you a very accurate shooting sidearm.

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    I know .40 XDs are going for $400 - $450 here in SE Wisconsin. My buddy has a .40 CZ that gives him nothing but trouble. Jams all the time. He just purchased a new Glock Mod. 22 with a ported barrel for under $500. It pays to shop around. For my money its Glock or not. Guys, that is just one man's opinion, I'm not trying to open a can of whoop-***. Happy New Year, H.J.
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    I think that Sgt. Miller has the price thing about right. I own and shoot the FNP-9 and CZ PO1---Both have performed admirably and I have no complaints
    with either. Both are 9mm and both have never given a hint of FTF or FTE.
    I can't say which may be more accurate,because both can hold quarter size groups at 30 ft.(even considering my trifocals). You may be able to do better
    but where I come from,that will get you by.
    Either of these choices will set you back a reasonable amount of cash---
    however the alternative of buying a "cheap" firearm will ,no doubt,bit you where it hurts ! When I bought my first gun---I paid $125.00 for a new
    S&W high capacity 9mm that is still functioning,to this day. Look for what you determine to be the "best" gun for you.....then work on buying it. Price is only a consideration today....if you choose the correct gun...this time next year you won't regret the price !