Prices Went Up!

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Txhillbilly, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Txhillbilly

    Txhillbilly Well-Known Member

    I guess the election has the dealers scared. I went to a gun show in Ft. Worth today to buy some more 20 rd mags and the prices were $5-10 dollars higher than last month. I was going to buy 6 20rd & 6 30rd mags, but ended up only buying 5 20rd because the prices. And since we can only guess who our next President will be,I went ahead and bought another DPMS stripped lower. I think I'm going to build either a 50 Beowolf,or a 458 Socom with this one.
  2. cbw

    cbw New Member

    I don't have a need for any large capacity clips but I've had several newsletters from various gun dealers who I've dealt with stating that they are running out of clips, and large caliber ammo, and recommending that you get on a waiting list if you want any.

  3. vegasjeepguy

    vegasjeepguy New Member

    last week I bought another Stag 2TL, 2500rds of 5.56 and 15 30 rd Magpul mags for exactly that reason.
  4. bkt

    bkt New Member

    Rising prices are at least partly due to the rising costs in metals and due to huge demand of firearms and ammo.

    The prospects of Obama becoming president and a majority Dem congress have a lot of people very concerned.
  5. slowryde45

    slowryde45 New Member

    I too have noticed an increase in prices, both locally and online. I've been waiting to pick up a few pieces to put away, just in case;)

    There are a few links that I frequent for parts and kits, and I have noticed that a few have already raised prices, for whatever reason.

    It would be too easy to point at the scare of the elections, increase in metal prices, decrease in oil prices, insert excuse here [ ], but the fact is there are some out there who have upped the anty.

    But then again, that's what CAPITALISM is all about, right? Sad...but true.:(

    But after all the OT I've done recently, we should be getting a decent bonus check in the next week or so. With that, Christmas might be coming a little early to Slo's house :D Or....the boss might be eye-balling the rest of the appliances she wants to replace in the kitchen :(

    Well...the elections are this week, so for those who think it might be coming....don't wait too long. Just do me a fav...leave me some, ok?

  6. hillbilly68

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    Haven't noticed an increase, in fact the ammo prices have come down slightly in the last couple of weeks. Metals have been headed down in price, probably the reason. Of course the panic buying will drive it back up after this evening. Demand will go up, as will the prices even though the new admin can have no effect until after Jan next year. But look out after that. Better get all you can now, cause they will definitely go up then. Was probably an opportunist dealer at the gun show. I am all about the capitalism, but there is such a thing as gouging too. Good move buying the, anyway, buy what you can afford.
  7. ticktwrter

    ticktwrter New Member

    I bought Some ..23 TRU ammo from Cheaper Than Dirt on 10/20 for $14.59 a box and it is now $29 a box.
  8. Shooter

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    My guess is they will go up for a few months and then sales will taper. I think POTUS and Congress is going to have some serious issues to deal with in 2009. Economy, Wars, Health Care, Medicare, Social Security, etc. that gun control measures will take some time.
  9. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    I am inclined to agree, except that will still leave Biden with too much time on his hands and we ALL KNOW he still has his first few drafts of AWB 1 on his hard drive somewhere. :mad:

    But, I don't expect AWB 2 to hit the press in Feb either....
  10. getgot

    getgot New Member

    transporting ar

    what are u going to do when the law eventually changes that you cannot transport any ar 15, even to the rifle range to have fun?
  11. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    Break the rifle down into separate parts and thereby transport components and not a firearm. :cool:

    However, I don't think this will ever come into play outside of the obvious occupied terror-tories like Kali, NY & NJ.

    Cops have better things to do than wonder whether I am driving down the street with an AR-15 in my trunk. The sheer magnitude of what it would take, manpower wise, would make such an undertaking far to time consuming, cost prohibitive and that doesn't even involve all the paperwork necessary after the fact.

    I wouldn't sweat it....
  12. Mark F

    Mark F Active Member Supporter

    It won't come to that HOPEFULLY!
  13. KellyTTE

    KellyTTE New Member

    If you notice, the current AWB reauthorization is all tagged by Republicans. The Democrats learned the hard way last time what happens. I don't see the AWB being an issue til after 2010.

    The Democrats will want to be sure they have power still and they know that chasing guns when the economy is tanked is a dumb move. All the crap you see right now is panic buying, nothing more.