Price of 22LR WAY up, anyone else seeing this?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by spittinfire, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. spittinfire

    spittinfire New Member Supporter

    So last night I'm in Wal Mart with the wife and we walk past the ammo counter. I look to see what they have and see several Federal 550 round boxes. Nothing special, just good plinking ammo. Then I look at the price, $19 and some change!!!! I bought the same thing a few months ago for $14, that's quite a jump. Still cheaper then shooting anything else but after taxes you're pushing $.04 a round, not long ago it was $.02.
  2. Brad

    Brad New Member

    I noticed this. For the Federal 550 pack its $18.57 here in Missouri. Alot has to do with the increase in 22lr conversion kits for all types of guns now.

    Yeah it sucks but the way I see it, its still the cheaper of any ammo for the most part.

  3. cpttango30

    cpttango30 New Member

    Well they are cranking out AR-15 chambered in 22lr now for all the poor mall ninjas that have spend all their money on duct tape and extra trauma plates for their body armor. That and pimping out your Tactical Urban Assault Vehicle (Black Golf Cart) takes a lot of money.

    $19 is cheap the place I was was setting the same box for $29.99

    20 years ago you could get 500 round bricks of winchester wildcat for $9.99
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  4. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    I've noticed .22LR ammo has went way up as well. I typically shoot more .22 than everything else. At least I have enough to last me awhile.
  5. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    I have noticed the same thing here in Colorado. But what else can you buy 500 rounds of for $20? Everything has gone up. I used to buy 9mm for $8.99 a box for Blaser Brass. It's about $14-$15 now. It's all relative. Everyone needs to start reloading. I never buy ammo. I can't remember the last time I bought a box. Except 22 its been well over a year.
  6. jpattersonnh

    jpattersonnh Active Member

    I stopped by the New Walmart super center yesterday. The ammo case is a 3x5 POS w/ nothing in it! The ammo they did have was more money than the gun shop down the street. .17HMR was 14.57 a box, and was FMJ. It is 12.50 at the gun shop. I've been ordering .22lr on-line for about 8 months now. Better selection and price, even w/ shipping.
  7. spittinfire

    spittinfire New Member Supporter

    I actually went back and bought a box after calling a number of other stores and no one has any 22s at all.
  8. res45

    res45 Member

    Back several years ago when I got back into shooting and hunting PMC still made 22 lr ammo I bought several K of the PMC Zappers for about $12 a brick I still have six left they shoot as good as the $7+ per hundred CCI MiniMags in my Savage and Marlin.

    I have several of the Fed. 550 Bulkpaks also when they were less hat $10 a box good plinking ammo,I'll probably never have to buy any 22lr ammo again. Check the lead market prices out thats one reason ammo is going up in price.
  9. spittinfire

    spittinfire New Member Supporter

    My wife just told me she needs to go to wal mart tonight so I may pick up another box...