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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by rifleman1, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. rifleman1

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    holy cow i just clicked on one of the ads here alamo ammo talk about price gouging,looking at 22lr it is ridiculous.i seen a 500 rnd box the other day priced at $99 i thought that was way ridiculous but this site even beat that.:mad:
  2. johnr1943

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    Try or

    I use both.

  3. texaswoodworker

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    555 rd boxes are going for $50 around here, a pawn shop is buying all the ammo from Wal-Mart, and reselling it for double to triple the price, and everyone seems to think that they can get a ton of money for their ammo. I remember these people. I won't ever do business with any of them.

    I found a place that despite basically having a monopoly on reloading supplies for this area, hasn't raised their prices to unreasonable levels. Their prices are actually pretty good. Cheaper then anything I could get online by the time you add in shipping and hazmat fees. They have a lot of stuff you CAN'T find online right now. THEY have been getting all of my business and will keep getting it.
  4. Seven

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    Alamo Ammo or Ace Ammo?
    Over $35 for a 50 count box of 9mm Blazer Brass? Ha. Hahahahaha. :rolleyes:

    Capitalism is a great thing. But it is a two-way street...

    ...Cheaper Than Dirt lost my business in 2008.
  5. texaswoodworker

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    They never had my business. Their shipping prices always drove me away. Their recent actions put the final nail in the coffin. CTD will never see a single penny from me. :mad:
  6. FL-panhandle

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    I went there last week and couldn't believe the prices
  7. therewolf

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    All that pawn shop scarfing up all the Wal-Mart

    22LR has to do is lose it's shirt

    when NO ONE BUYS THE AMMO. Then they

    will drop that act like they were stung.

    We especially have to be patient NOW,

    and not buy ANYTHING overpriced.

    Me, I'm going fishing for a while. Those

    gougers can go pound sand, & I have a long

  8. bigbomar4

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    It's not price gouging it's called capitalism. The prices are this high because people are willing to pay these high prices. The most basic principle of capitalism is to charge as much as people are willing to pay. SO DON'T F....ING PAY THAT MUCH!!! DO NOT LET YOUR FRIENDS OR FAMILY PAY THAT MUCH!!!

    If you have ammo stockpiled and someone you know NEEDS ammo for one reason or another share with them or sell it to them at a reasonable price. If us gun owners stick together and help each other out prices will drop.

    I just donated the last of my 22 ammo to the boyscout camp my granddad helps run so that they would not have to spend all of there budget on ammo and it can go to other needed things.
  9. nitestalker

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    Local Walmart got in a shipment of Federal Bulk pacs last week. They sold out very fast at $14 dollars each. Limited to one pac per person. I was in the Cabelas at SLC, Ut. They had piles of Herters .223 and 7.62X39 for $6.99 per box.
    Don't pay high prices ammo is coming down. Just remember the jerks who tried to rob you. ;)
  10. robocop10mm

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    Punctuation and capitaliztion are essential elements of written communication in the English language. I had to read the OP's post 5 times before I figured out he was not referring to ads "here" but at Alamo Ammo.

    Fine, call me a grammar NAZI. I am ashamed when I think of the leftist lurkers seeing such posts and proclaiming all gun owners as illiterate red necks.
  11. DrumJunkie

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    Seen it at a local Walmarket last night for 16 bucks a 550 bulk pack. I picked up one even though I have ...a few around here. Never too early to get a head of the next flavor of crazy.:)
  12. DrFootball

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    A good Person!

    Big Bomar your a good person! I share as well. Don't shoot my .45's anymore so when the rest of my stuff got here from NY my friend got 500 rds. of .45(400 FMj and 100 Hp's). He & another of my friends were totally out of .22 and I had 1800+ rds., they each got 150 rds. from me! One of the same friends is disability retired like me,..he couldn't afford SD rounds for his J-frame, so i stepped in with a box of Golden Sabers for him...thats what friends do...
    Third friend needed advice on a hand gun purchase and a Shotgun for HD. Took him around to the local GS's and helped him get a Decent deal on Both, plus 2 other handguns, for him to carry and one for his wife...