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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Jrflat, Jan 18, 2013.

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    I have been looking to purchase an AR 15 and I have a family member that has one he is willing to part with. The family member is my wife's cousin and he got the gun when he was younger and really has not used it much and now that he is in his mid 20s he has no interest in it. He said to give him an offer and I have no idea what to offer him, I do not want to insult him yet I do not want to overpay and feel like he will give me a deal if I give him a fair offer.

    The Ar in question is a 223 caliber Colt postban AR 15, I am thinking it is from the mid to late 90s...maybe 96,97, or 98. Due to the ban of that era It does not have the collapsible stock and has a longer barrel from what I understand. I would assume the gun has been fired very little....probably less than 500 rounds, maybe even closer to 250 and kept clean.

    Any thoughts on a fair offer or maybe a low offer to start? What is a gun like that worth?


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    I would offer around 700–800 to begin with. The stock isn't a problem, you can order a nice magpul for around $65. The worst he can do is say no, then offer him a little more.

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    Totally agree. That would be sick if he said ok to that deal too.
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    Just do the typical family statement. I want to pay you as little as I can, where you are happy with what you get! Then say but seriously, what do you want for it. Tell him what the typical retail price of a new is (pre hysteria) and then take into effect the solid stock etc. You should be able to give him $800 or so and walk off with it.