Price Check SAKO 85 SM 300 Win. Short

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    Hey Guys,

    I am new to the forum and am a gun enthusiast. Sadly about a year ago my step father passed away and I inherited a few of his guns. Now please no one think that I am selling a best friend and fathers fun collection, although I do have two guns that he left to me that has no sentimental importance to me.

    The gun I am curious about, he bought a little while back and put it in his gun case and never even shot it. The gun that means everything to me is actually a Remington 30 - 06. So I want to put a feeler out there and see what this setup is worth.

    It is a MINT MINT MINT


    SAKO 85 SM 300 WIN SHORT


    Swarovski 2,5 - 10x56 Habicht

    I am very curious if I were to sell today, what would the setup be worth? I really appreciate everyones help. I am going to create a new posting with the second gun I am curious about, as it is a shotgun.

    Thank you,