Pregnant Vets Could Use Some Help

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    PLZ e-mail this company; lack of response to the below e-mail sent Aug 18th


    Hi There,
    The Illiana VA Hospital in Danville, IL is at this writing providing care to 20 pregnant veterans with an unknown number of female veterans who have given birth in the last year.

    The Ladies Auxiliaries of VFW District 7 along with others would like to hold a baby shower for these veterans on October 15th of this year.

    I would like to ask that your organization donate as many digital camo onesies as possible for these future veterans and the offspring of those to whom we all owe a great deal.

    Should you consider this request favorably then please contact my wife, Gloria B ( Secretary, Ladies Aux’, VFW 630, Urbana, IL ) who has spearheaded our local “coupons for troops” and has worked tirelessly in support of United States Military veterans.

    With Sincere Thanks & Best Regards, Roger