pre-winter lubrication??

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    Yes, I know I'm lazy, but my rifles/handguns are cleaned/lubricated after each outing at the range. Now that they are put to bed for the winter, does anyone make a 'spray' lubricant that I can spray into the chamber area of the rifles that are difficult to tear down, just to get some extra lubricant on them. I always worry that I don't do a good enough job lubing that area including the bolts. Googled and found nothing, but did find a good manual for my Garand (and its need for gun grease "Lupriplate?? or Hoppes #9 grease will do I guess). Yes, I'm lazy, don't give me hell. PS In my 2 1/2 years of shooting, since the Army 40 years ago, I have not used gun grease period. Sounds like that is poor gun maintenance from my reading on the internet. That probably deserves a butt chewing.

    PS are guns like a 4 Winchester 94s (2 bought new in the box) that were mfgd 30 to 60 years ago ok as they were bought. I would guess not.
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    Take a slotted patch holder and a patch and give it a good shot of fluid film and wipe it down good and call it a day.

    You lazy no.

    I clean once before the season once during the season then once when I put them up for storage. Rimfires don't get cleaned unless it is the Ruger mkII or the neos they get cleaned when they start to malfunction.