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    I thought we had a thread here before about pre-panic prices, but I can't find it.

    My question is this: I am a relatively new shooter (first gun in December 2012) and I recently purchased a 44 Mag. What I don't know is what a "normal" price is for a box of 50. I am seeing stuff in the 30ish range, which is a good deal compared to a couple of months ago, but how does that compare to let's say Summer 2012?

    Any input is appreciated.
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    The last .44mag I bought was Remington 180gr at Wal-Mart. It was $36 per 50. That was in Feb when I bought my first .44mag.

    Reloading is definately the way to go with the .44. I'm down around $.15-.18 per round with lead depending on if I put a 180gr or 240gr on.

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    30ish for a box of 50 factory loads is about normal. if there is a normal. reloading is far cheaper but very addictive. The worst is the up front blow with all the tools. then you can space yourself out for componets, here and there. Stuff is comming down in price, any time is a good time to start reloading even when prices are high, because they will come down and you are loading for far cheaper than the box on the shelf is.
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    What he said.

    30 ish for a box of 50x 44Mags is on par with pre panic pricing.
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    Don't have a .44Mag but DO have a Dan Wesson .41 mag w/Interchangeable Grips & Barrels: .41 ammo is about the same cost. if you aren't reloading(I gave/sold all my reloading stuff away before I left the Socialist State Of NY for the "Free State" of Arizona. DW said cut down on the stuff were shipping...I digress.....Try and buy in bulk if poss. Pre-Panic I bought 500 rds. for a very reasonable price.....