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    Being an old codger, I remember fondly my experiences with guns during the 60s. One of my Dads buddies owned the local gunshop and I was always welcome there. I bought a S&W kit gun .22 (with Dad's OK of course) from him when I turned 13. I mowed many lawns to save up the $50 or so it cost me.

    During the early 60s, Dad always had something gun related coming through the mail - guns as well as supplies. As we lived in Minnesota, we made a junket down to Waseca to visit Herters a few times a year - what a cool place. For you younger folks - it's a shame times have changed so much as guns weren't always looked at as the source of all evil...
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    I am only 33 and as a kid I rode my bike to the local gun show with a gun across the handle bars of my bike. 3 miles down main street no one ever looked twice not even the two different cop cars that passed me by. Get this it was in the great state of CALIFORNIA as well..... I would go in to the store and buy ammo and reloading supply's as a kid all the time. I even purchased my first shotgun from them a used remington 1100 (my dad and I made payments on it every time I had an extra $5 I was in there making a payment) they didn't care they knew me my dad and my grandfather for many years. That gun was so sweet till I had to sell it for make rent. OK now I am pissed at myself again.