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    My friend Bruce pasted this morning, he was also my youngest sons girl friend Jessie's father, him and I have known one another even before our kids were thought about. All I ask is you all keep us and especially Jessie in your prayers !.........:(
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    I have lost so many friends throughout my short life I actually have to take time out to remember them all ! Most of them died very young and basically because the fall out industry in the eastern Ohio , Western Pa. Areas ! So many died within that ten year period , I have to stop and think of them all .

    I know loss and it never gets easy , especially when you've grown up with them . Everyone one of them leaves a void in my personal history , never forget the good time , smiles and laughs and for the ones left behind , we are the ones feeling the loss and pain . I pray for you and all that have experienced the loss . My heart goes out to all of you !

    Rest in Peace Bruce , you are with God now and so the end of pain and suffering !
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    Here is what Jesse wrote a little while ago after Bruce's passing, I love this girl, I think she will make a Great DIL......
    I've never been good at this. My dad was the best father anyone could ever have. He always let me be myself, he always gave me room to grow. I actually can't recall a time he ever raised his voice, or gave up on me. Anyone would be lucky to call him dad, but I got to. There aren't words to explain the man he was, and the woman he made me. So instead, I'll do my best to bring the same love, strength and compassion into this world on his behalf. I'll take things from here dad.. You take a break. I love you [​IMG]❤️
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    I am sorry for all of your loss. It is hard to lose a good friend, particularly when there is another personal connection with his daughter. Remembering the good times will help.
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    Sorry for your loss. Prayers sent.
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    May your friend rest in peace and may you find solace in the celebration of his life.
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    303, it is difficult at this time to deal with this loss, but Bruce's mortal death is but the commencement of an eternal life far greater and fuller of love than any we could imagine. I pray Jessie and you eventually sees this as such. Hard to get through initially, but I pray you and Jessie will come around to that. It is a spiritually enlightening and uplifting experience. But it takes time usually. Bruce is doing well. Far better than those of us still confined to this mortal life.

    So celebrate the gift God shared with you with Bruce's mortal presence. You'll all be together again, in a world saturated with love far greater that we could ever comprehend.
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    you and your extended family have my condolences and prayers Tom.