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    Former FBI wounded, retired some years ago.
    He gave up his little store to seek medical care.
    Cancer in brain cured that up.
    Returned running a small cafe with his wife, at old location
    Local LEO is helping him between duty time.
    The cancer is now in his lower jaw and nothing to bee done.
    He works every day but every day the toll is showing more.
    I ask for prayer for him.
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  2. primer1

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    Prayers sent...

  3. RJF22553

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    Prayers sent. My Dad died from incurable brain cancer. My prostate cancer spread to my spine, but has been in abeyance with hormone treatment for the past six years. My brother died from prostate cancer that had spread to his bones, and eventually I'll be where your friend is, so there is some true empathy here.

    Not sure why external beam radiation can't address...also, I was on some stuff called XGeva for the bone cancer: one shot a month, that theoretically strengthened the bones to fight the metastatic bone cancer. Seemed to do the job, but I had to stop it after two years due to a "rare" side effect: osteonecrosis of the jaw. Worth asking about it, though...

    God Bless you, and your friend.