Prairie Dogs

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    My dad is getting up in years (81) and has been an avid varmint hunter for a long time. He has been up here in the Seattle are with me for about 5 years now. He would like to find somewhere to hunt some prairie dogs. I have been all over Wa and Or in my job and maybe there are some areas in he eastern parts to do this. If I have to take him to Montana I would probably consider it.
    Any varmint hunters out there that can point me in the right direction or give me some advice?
    Thanks in advance
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    That is very tough. Even an hour drive can raise havoc w/ older folks. I have a portable shooting bench, that I would recomend.

  3. WhaleNoises

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    I dont know if this helps, but about 30 minutes south of Boise Idaho. There is so many what we call whistle pigs, ground squirrels, that you cant walk 10 feet without kicking one.
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    we go on eastern Oregon prairie dog(sage rat) trips all the time. Occasionally running into a coyote here and there. Fort Rock/Christmas Valley area is where you need to go. It's seasonal though, and not sure where we are at right now but basically you can only shoot them at the time of the year when the grass is low or non-existant...otherwise you can't see them ;)

    At first we will drive up to a farmers house and ask for permission if it looks safe and reasonable to do. Luckily, I found contacts through my family who has some friends out there that give us permission ahead of time so I have a few hot spots for myself now but before that I would just go out and find my own spots...people do it all the time out there. You will see a truck pulled off the road with 2 fellas using the roof of the cab as a rest and move field to field.

    I hear the rats/dogs are abundant in Klamath Falls area but I never looked for them while I was over there