Practice, practice, and more practice

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    My youngest son and I go to the range almost every Monday unless it is bad weather or we are out of money, which happens more often. When we do go we both spend as much time and as money allows honing shooting skills with handguns and rifles. I have had my CCWP for some time now and he just applied for his a few weeks ago. Both of us believe in practice, practice, and more practice.

    We also talk over laws and regulations concerning CCWP in our state and any state we may go to. It helps us stay up on what changes are in the laws along with bringing attention to obscure regulations we may of overlooked. We know that no one can be prepaired for ever situation that may occur, but we fill confident enough that we just may stay out of trouble.

    Having a CCWP is a big responsibility more so then not having one and if you don’t spend time at the range and going over the laws and changes to the laws, one could end up holding the smelly end of the stick in a court of law.

    There have been lawsuits from family members in the past brought against someone who used a handgun to stop a crime and ended up having to shoot and kill the criminal. Some of the things a lawyer will look for are the type of weapon, and ammo you used. I remember a case where they sued the person because he had killed the criminal with reloads. The lawyer trying to convince the jury that reloads was potentially more dangerous then factory loads.

    We will use reloads for the range but not for protection even though I have faith in my reloads. I use weapons that have never had a bad reputation for malfunctioning such as Bryco and it’s other names in the past. Another case I somewhat remember was a suit where they tried to say the weapon was of poor design and the owner did not have knowledge of its function, which ended in his client being permanently crippled. The client was in the throws of rape in the parking lot of an 18-year-old girl when he was shot.

    Never mind that they are conducting acts of violence and end up being shot for it. The lawyers will attempt to find some unimportant thing to show you at fault if they can. Not only is much of the U.S. over run with crime there is more sympathy for the criminal then for the victim. When a gun is used in self-defense you become the criminal in many eyes of these backward thinking freedom haters.

    I as with many of you have probably heard people say, “being raped is not a reason to kill someone”. Well I say depending on how one looks at it and I look at it as if it is reason enough. I was told about 3 months ago by a peta member who was anti war and anti military that I would not be justified in shooting a child molester who was trying to kid nap a child at the school buss stop. I told her by Kentucky law I would be in the right and if she had a problem with it either, change the law, or STFU and go away with her tail between your legs. And yes Margo there really are people like that.

    Two years ago I was in Wal-Mart and was carrying my Taurus PT-111 9mm which bulged out a lot from under my shirt and some one seeing the bulge said to me that I must have a large cell phone, I told them I had to have one with big numbers because I was half blind. She said thank “God that is not a gun”. Some people just are not to bright, so don’t give them any reason to doubt your ability with a handgun.

    Practice, practice, and more practice

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    Indeed Opaww, good post. I would sure hate to be a criminal defense attorney, having to represent some *** douche that obviously was in the wrong and his attorney has to try to get him a better deal by making the victim look bad or at fault. Some people are just blessed with a golden tongue and the art of spewing baffling bullsh!t. The sad part is, there are lots of people out there on Jurys that really believe the crap. :rolleyes: