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kfox75 said:
The mitten\glove set ups that they sell in wal mart in sporting goods, and a good waterproofing spray work well for me. The mitten end folds over to expose your fingers, then flips back over the fingers to keep the heat in. Some of them have a little pocket in them fot the comercial handwarmers they sell there. Hope this helps. Warming cold body parts back up, especially after they turn purple, hurts like a SOB.
THIS! I live and hunt in Maine. This is what I use with hand Warmers stuffed in the flap.


I got lost in the woods for a day, swearing I was going in circles, to finally realize the flap in my mittens has a magnet to hold the flap open. I still use them, just take the gloves off to use the compass.

If its really cold, like in the below temps, I use thick winter gloves and put some electrical tape over my trigger finger to compress the glove. That helps it from binding in the trigger guard.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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