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  1. curly45

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    Just got a Colt police positive 38S&W. It appears to be in good condition and according to the SS27240 it was made in1909. It has been chromed and the grips have small chips on the back bottom corners. Due to the chrome not much can be read on the barrel. I'm beginning to start a small collection of C&R weapons. Don't care to get anything I can't shoot. Any information on this pistol would be appreciated.THANKS:confused:
  2. Quis custodiet

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    I own a similar Colt Police Postive Special in .38 Spl. from 1922.

    My gun also came with chipped hard rubber grips. This is a common problem with these guns. Replacements can be found. I found a pair of wood grips for my Police Positive at a gun show two years ago.

    Your gun is chambered for the old .38 S&W round. This caliber is still loaded by a few companies. Yours is an early gun but it was made in the smokeless powder era so it should be safe with modern loads.

  3. Benning Boy

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    Great gun, as Quis Custodiet said, ammo is not always readily available. Managed to find some Remington for it, and the gun was suprisingly accurate.

    The only gripe is, as you suggested, the tendency for the rubber grips to chip. Often, in a big way.