Power of Size 00 Buckshot

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    00 Buckshot is a popular round for home defense, at least according to many personal accounts I have read over the years. I picked up a box of "Remington Magnum Buckshot" today and noticed that Black Bear was on the recommended game list. It seems odd that one can go after a bear with a shotgun, so I was wondering if anybody has tried. Would I kill the bear, or really piss it off?

    Here are the statistics on the box:
    12 Gauge
    3 Length
    1225 FPS
    15 Pellets
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    Very large grizzlies have been killed with .22RF.

    The key to killing large game with buckshot is to get close enough to ensure that all the pellets impact the kill-zone.

    Each pellet packs about the same "killing power" as a round from a .32ACP.

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    I teach combat shotgun for a local company

    and we start the firing portion by shooting the rifle range "gong" at 100 yards with "double aught". Pretty impressive for people who haven't worked with a shotgun much.

    There is no animal on this continent that cannot be killed with buck shot, but it would not be my choice on big game. As a last ditch defense against bear, it would work well. But I would sure be praying for a slug or two in that shotgun magazine!!

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    Oh, and remember

    it will penetrate auto glass and doors with ease.

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    OO buck

    Magnum in a shotgun is not the same as magnum in a handgun or rifle. Magnum in a shotgun refers to payload, not velocity. A magnum shotgun round has a heavier payload (more shot) than a standard load

    OO buck in a 12 ga pump shotgun is the weapon of choice for professional hunting guides when searching for wounded lions in heavy cover. If they trust their lives to it in that extreme circumstance, I will trust it to do the job on two legged vermin.