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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by gatopardo, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. gatopardo

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    What do you guys consider the bare minimum for a Power generator, in case of emergency.

    I saw in the Heartland catalog one for $129.00 /1000 watts. It doesn't seem enough power to me, but what do I know.

    I have foods and blankets, stoves, medicine, besides hunting gear, I need to decide on a gas powered generator, not to expensive but reliable.

    I appreciate beforehand the help:)

    Live long, Gato
  2. Squirrel_Slayer

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    Look at the recent offering's from Honda and Yamaha in what they consider their "suitcase generators". They are really quiet, light weight, and some produce up to 3000 watts. I have worked at both dealerships and both generators, and they are very very reliable!

  3. SDiver40

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    I have a honda 3500 from the hugo hurricane. It runs pretty much everything except for the hot water heater.
    Thats as small as I would want to go but you can get by with less for just a few lights and the fridge.
    I still have to alternate the starting of the fridge and the freezer. After that i'm good to go.
    Hope that helps some
  4. Fatso

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    As long as it'll run a fridge, light, and electric heater I'd consider myself good. Depending on each you have, the load will be different.

    At work I have a 450kW detroit! 480V/460A of powa!
  5. gatopardo

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    Found this

    Found this one, looks portable, i am thinking something I can carry in my van, in case i get stuck in the middle of winter, ]

    For $129.00 sounds good.

    Any of you guys have one of this?
  6. Neophyte1

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  7. danf_fl

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    The smallest I run (and had to rely on for hurricanes) is 5000w. The big questions is what are you running on it. Motor startups require more than when the motor is running.
  8. gatopardo

    gatopardo New Member

    I'm thinking

    A couple of lamps, a small space heater, maybe a small electric stove, radio, TV, etc. Bare essentials to survive a storm. Food is all canned.
  9. Highpower

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    The space heater and electric stove would be no go for a unit that small I'm afraid. And I wouldn't trust it to run any valuable electronic devices. You need to have a cleanly regulated power output from a generator to prevent damage. Cheap generators aren't built for that. :(

    Again, 1000 watts don't go very far.

    Honda Power Equipment - Honda Generators - Wattage estimation guide
  10. Dillinger

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    Gato - The generator's that you are showing are all very small use, man portable generators for use to power one, stand alone unit of small size or be around the campsite to charge batteries and provide light.

    As an example you could hook one of those up to keep your cell phone charger and power pack for your laptop going, but try adding anything with a motor and you run into a condition called Locked Rotor

    Locked Rotor Current ( LRC ) is the condition where a motor requires many more times the power to get started than it does to keep it running. This is also known as cold start or cold cranking amps.

    A small dorm style fridge might say that it only needs 650w to run, but what it doesn't tell you is that to get it STARTED could require 5 or 6 times that amount because of the compressor in the unit. If you only have 1000watts, you won't be able to get the unit started and it could burn out your generator if you force the issue.

    In the grand scheme of what you can do with it, 1000watt generator is like trying to move your house with your kid's Tonka truck. :rolleyes:

  11. Benning Boy

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    For heating,/lighting concerns, I just use Glow-On.
  12. dunerunner

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    Think about lighting with battery operated lights. Indoors you can use hurricane oil lamps, plenty of light, last a long time, no electricity needed. for cooking, a single burner gas stove works fine, those intended for table top operation are what I have been looking at and run about $30. Don't forget candles and Faraday "Shake" flashlights, ~$10.

    This leaves power for your freezer and refrigerator, perhaps a sump pump, power saw, compressor, or minigun! :D

    You could get by with 1000 watts, but a 3KW generator would be best, 5KW even better depending on load!


    Hurricane Lantern

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    Butane Stove

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    :p :D

    I LOL'd at this one. Nice Benny!
  14. gatopardo

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    I'd go for that


    I'd go for that, only if it glows more than 12 hours:D
  15. c3shooter

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    Either buy a MUCH bigger generator, or pare down what you want to power. If you plan to run a generator when stranded in a car in cold weather, could you please leave me your guns?

    Our list of what we MUST have electricity to do is very short. Fridge/ Freezer and electronics. I can cook and have lights by other means.

    Anything with a heating elements sucks up watts like you would not believe. Motors have a starting current that is 2-3 times higher than running current. Heat? Got a 12 KW generator? Even a little bathroom heater is about a 2 KW demand.

    We had a week and a half off the grid during Hurricane Isabel. We have a couple of 2500 watt inverters, and a bank of deep cycle batteries. Thats 2500 watt ACTUAL, not peak. Bought them used, $75 each. Batteries are 155 amp hour for my fishing boat.

  16. Highpower

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    Gasoline, round trip, to the nearest available hotel room 200 miles away during a major ice storm in a large metropolitan city - $70.00

    1 week hotel stay for a family of 3 w/meals - $700.00

    Food spoilage in refrigerator/freezer and deep freezer upon return - $600.00

    Increase in water bill from letting it run to keep the plumbing from freezing - $130.00

    Having a 10KW generator to keep your home warm, well lit and occupied during the next ice storm - PRICELESS! :)