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  1. Boyerracing343

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    Well, after weeks of researching and learning i have finally got my reloading bench built and I am in the process of setting my equipment up. (photo's coming later this week)

    So i have a newbie question for you more experienced reloaders. I am going to be starting off reloading 45 acp,243 Winchester, and 30-06.

    I know i am going to need different powders for the different calibers. So what do you guys use? I am hoping to find a good starting point. I currently have done some research about different powders listed in my speer reloading manual, but i am looking for some recommendations. (I plan to obtain more manuals asap.)

    I am looking to purchase my first batches of powder this weekend and was hoping to obtain some helpful information before i make some purchases.

    Thank you for your time and advice.
  2. dunerunner

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    I'm a new reloader too and bought the recommended powder for my .308 Win. in the 49th edition Lyman Reloading Handbook, IMR-4064. I'm loading 168gr. JHBT Sierra and this powder looked to be good for what I wanted. Min. Suggested load is 40 grains for a muzzle velocity of 2415 fps.

    For my .45 APC, I will start with Unique, but may switch to Bullseye or Clays for a cleaner burn (so I'm told). Loading Speer 230gr JHP on the .45.

  3. Txhillbilly

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    Here's a link that may help you in choosing some powders. Just enter whether it's for a pistol/rifle,then choose your caliber.It will list all the data you need to make your choice's.-

  4. Fisherking

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    I have found varget for anything from .223 -30-06, and for 45 ACP i use tight group or even better clays. but I found clays is dirty.

    P.S. I found Varget to be about the cleanest burrning and acurate powder I have used so far.
  5. JonM

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    Imr is good for 30-06 and 308 but if your running a semi auto in either your gonna want 748.

    I use unique for 45 acp it meters well and works well.
  6. Olympus

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    Can't help with the rifle calibers, but for .45 target loads I use Winchester 231 (HP-38 is the same thing) and Bullseye. W231, HP-38, and Bullseye are all great powders for target loads.
  7. wooleybooger

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    no help from me with the rifle but for 45 Ive settled on Bullseye. very fine grained and meters well. not as dirty as Unique with my home cast bullets and soft lube. be aware that the fine grain does not fill the case near as much as a beginner might think it should be. good measuring equipment and care is needed until you gain experience. my middle of the book loads only fill the case less than half full.if you use a hopper type measure get a loading block that is 5rds x 10 rds and weigh every 5th or 10th charge just to be sure of your setup. bullseye is also the cheapest pistol suitable powder at my LGS.
  8. martyp

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    In my 30/284 aka 7.5 swiss I use 2400 23gr is a sweetheart w/175gr cast bullets.
    In my 308 / 7.62 Nato I use H-335, Varget and BLC(2).
    In my 45acp I use Red Dot, Unique and 700x
    In my 10mm I use AA-9
  9. jpattersonnh

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    A good all around powder for .243, .30-06 is IMR4064. A better powder for .30-06 is 4320. 4064 can load from .223 to 7mm rem mag. It is not great in all, but there are acceptable results in most calibers. Even Semi autos. It is the only powder I buy in 8lb.! .45acp, for targets, W231, full power, Unique. You can get by w/ 231. I did for years. .380, 9x19, .45acp, 10mm.
  10. ColColt

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    For the 45 I use 8.2 gr of HS-6. A very accurate combination with 230 gr FMJ. Also 231 and Universal have given great groups with the 200 gr LSWC in this caliber. I wouldn't want to be without these powders as they're also great with the 357 and 44 Magnum(adding 2400 for these two).
  11. Boyerracing343

    Boyerracing343 New Member Supporter

    Thanks for the helpful advice guys.
  12. Hello BoyerRacing343

    When you select a powder for rifles especially, check the loading manuals for the bullet weights you anticipate shooting AND the type of rifle you shoot. There are many good powders for .30-06, but there's a major difference if you're shooting 220 grain round nose for moose or 150 grain bullets in a Garand.

    I find IMP 4895 the most versatile rifle powder. It doesn't do EVERYTHING perfectly, but it does most things adequately.

    Handgun powders are a bit more flexible. I load handguns from .32 ACP to .44 Magnum and can use Olin (WW) 231/HP38 in all of them for general purposes. For top end loads in .357 and .44 Magnum, a slower powder is better.

    Unique is another powder that will load at the very least general purpose loads in all handgun calibers.

    But read first and make your own decisions. Good luck.
  13. grannajacobs

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    9 mm auto

    I to am getting started reloading what is the best and cheapest powder for 0mm and 40sw using 115jhp 9 and 155 jhpxtp 40sw?:D
  14. Ww 231...

    is what I use. However, I don't load 'maximum' loads, just factory duplication and practice stuff.
  15. fmj

    fmj Active Member

    2400 is what i use for my 357 and 44 mag duties.

    Looking for 1 powder to take care of my .45acp and 9mm luger duties.

    (i'm a poor boy and cant be matching a powder to every caliber/grain i look for one that will give good results in a number of different applications.)