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Discussion in 'DIY Projects' started by TankTop, Jul 10, 2019.

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    Not gun related but figured someone around here could probably help. I have a tree’d area but none of them are strong enough to hold a hammock. I’m thinking some rough 6”x6” posts sunk 36” in concrete should due, maybe angle them out 15°?
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    I did that same thing. I used 6x6 pressure treated lumber. Then I went to the table saw and cut the corners off. Sank them about 3- 3.5ft. Packed the dirt back around the post. Been that way 4 years now. No concrete. Post are solid.
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  3. RJF22553

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    Home Depot and Tractor Supply have fence posts that will do the trick for you. They also sell post-hole diggers. Dig down about 3' and plant. Use some crush-and-run gravel or quikcrete and you're good to go. You might get by without with that stuff, but it is cheap and might as well invest in it after your work to dig the holes: you won't need to re-dig!

    Short of that, a 4X4 post should do the trick. My preference would be three 2X6 boards, pressure treated for ground contact: they soak up treatment more deeply than 4X4 or 6X6 posts. That is what was used for my Morton Building, and because of that express reason. You, and your grandkids, will die of old age before they rot.
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    Locust is the best post