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    This is always an area where you need to be careful.
    Check out any load posted against a reloading manuel to be sure the load is a safe and recommended load before just using a posted load.
    Always start at least 10% down from an maximum load. In most cases, the max load will not be the most accurate, but there are exceptions.
    If you can find an accurate load that is not a full load, it will be better on your rifle wear wise and be a safer load.
    All loading information is for information only, it's up to you to determine if a load is a safe one.

    OK, for the 55 Grain FMJ bullets, my most accurate load is 25.0 Grns of AA 2230, 55 Grn FMJ, CCI 400 Primers, LC 09 case. Some manuels has 25.0 as a max load, some have 26.0 as a max load. This is one of those loads that I got the best accuracy at near a max load.
    Many people have used it with great results. Start 10% down on this and any load. You may find your rifle likes less.

    62 grn, I'm still trying to find the best load with regular FMJ and JSP bullets. With the SS109 military bullet, 24.5 Grns of IMR 4895 gave the most accurate group, .117", 5 shots at 100. The people I was with were amazed, as was I. The SS109's are not supposed to be the most accurace bullet.
    This too is listed as a Max load, but it shot the best in my Tactical, better than lower loads. It slightly flattened the primers, but the cases checked fine, it is a hot load, one I won't be shooting much.
    Same primers and case as the other load. Do not start at 24.5 grns with this load, start 10% down, it is a compressed powder load. The Bullet was set at the Max length that would fit in the Ruger magazine and feed reliabily.
    I recommend extream caution with this load. This is for info only. Use your head on this one and do not start at my load.

    The last load is my best and it's not a full power load, which I really like.
    It shot a best of .092", 5 shots @ 100 yards in my Tactical.
    23.0 Grns of IMR 8208 XBR, CCI 400 primers, LC 09 cases and Sierra 69 Grn MK bullets. The bullet was set out to the max length that would fit in the stock Mini magazine and feed without problems. 23.8 Grns is the max listed load with the powder I used.

    Be careful with any load and check it in your reloading books, these loads are for information only, I take no responsibility for the use of the posted loads.

    Every rifle is different. Many have great results with Varget in their Mini, yet I have yet to find a load with Vargt that my rifle likes, so a load my rifle shoots well may not shoot well in your rifle. Experiment and have fun, but always start 10% lower. If you look at the listed FPS, most of the time you gain very little FPS wise by using a full power load. The only time I use a full power load is if it shoots the most accurate. On the SS109's, I've loaded more, reducing the load a little. I may loose a little accuracy, but I don't like flattened primers. Always use the manuel put out by the manufacturer of the powder you are using. Realize that even using a different primer, case or bullet style may have an effect on the pressure of the load, that is why you always start 10% down from the maximum listed load.
    One thing I have found with my 2 mini's is that the lower 1/3 of most loads will not work well in my mini, many times it does not have enough power to fully extract and eject fired rounds.
    Do try the load with the 55 grn and AA 2230, many people have told me that it's vary accurate in their rifle, just start lower and work up to the max listed load in your manuel, don't start with my load.
    Sorry if I'm anal about starting at lower loads, but as a Retired gunsmith, I have seen more than a few rifles blown up by loads that were too hot, so use caution, wear safety glasses and hearing protection every time you shoot.

    John K
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