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    Just gotta rant a little. About a month ago our auto insurance bill got returned to our local agent and marked "return to sender, unable to deliver". My wife googled US postal service and called the 1-800 number that popped up. She told the person on the line what was going on and would like to confirm our physical address with them so we wouldn't have trouble getting our mail. She was told nobody there has access to that information. WTF? How does no one at the postal service have that info. She spent a good hour on the phone even speaking to a "supervisor" and being told the same thing by them. The supervisor said its because we hadn't filled out a change of address form. It took 3 times for this guy to understand we hadn't moved so that form wasn't filled out for a reason.

    So now we've been waiting on a $2500 aflac check and had to have them put a stop payment on it cause only god knows where it is. Anybody else have this kind of trouble with them?
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    Have you asked Aflac to verify your address? Are you getting your other mail?

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    I have never had this kind of problem. Is AFLAC involved in both 'snafu's'? If so, I think Jpyl is right, check with AFLAC. Maybe a number in your address got switched or something.
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    Aw, cut em some slack, their worried about their jobs. :D
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    Yes aflac has the correct address and they aren't involved with both snafu's. The first was our auto insurance statement. Wasn't much of an issue with it as our agent is close by, wife just went and got the statement after work.

    Also the insurance agent had the statement addressed correctly.
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