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    I have a question for some of the more seasoned and knowledgeable AR 15 fans. A few months ago I traded a Remington 700 to a Bushmaster XM15E2S. The gentleman I got it from bought it in 1999, and has taken excellent care of it. It's gotten a Rock River trigger and a strange looking compensator. The barrel markings are
    B MP 1/9 H BAR (I think thats all of it.) Now to my actual question, is this type of configuration rare or does it stand out above others that you've seen? I'm interested to learn more about it. Thanks for your time!
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    nothing rare in the least.

    H-BAR stands for heavy barrel profile. 1/9 is the barrel twist ratio. B MP stands for Bushmaster Products if i'm not mistaken.

    Bushmaster makes an excellent AR15. i currently am on my third one. excellent product at a decent price.

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    The "B" stands for Bushmaster. The "MP" stands for "Magnetic Particle" (a testing method standard that the better AR barrels have). The 5.56 NATO indicates that you can shoot both 5.56 and .223 ammo. The 1/9 indicates the rifling twist (1 turn in 9 inches which is better suited for light to mid weight bullets whereas 1/7 twist can better handle heavier bullet weights) and the H BAR indicates Heavy Barrel.

    I can't speak to rarity.
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    If you have a 1999 year model, you will have a faux M4 buttstock (fixed, non collapsing) a welded muzzle brake, and it will not have a bayonet lug. All of those restrictions were included in the 1994 AWB (assault weapons ban) which expired in 2004. I had a DPMS version myself. With that in mind, your firearm is not rare, but it should be a quality gun. Take it out and shoot it. Have fun.
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    The brake on those is LOUD!!! Modeled after the AKSU74
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    You can also feel the pressure if you are shooting from a table less than 10 feet away.
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    I have one and it is my play gun. I take it out and have fun with it. I have a Windham varmint SS that is my long range gun I have it set at 250 yards with a Tactical Mil- Dot scope.
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    A was previously mentioned. The Post Ban guns were built for the commercial market from 1994 - 2004 When the Brady Bill was in effect for that ten year period. Even some states today require this configuration to comply with their State Law. As stated they had a pinned and brazed Muzzle Break. Flash Hiders could not be installed during the 10 years due to the fact that an AR with a Flash Hider was so much more deadly and unsafe than one with a Muzzle Break! No Bayonet Lug, since there had been an increase in drive by Bayonetting's during that period. And Fixed Stock was required so you could not hide an AR with a collapsible stock under your winter coat! But with all the comments, sounds like you have a nice rifle! Enjoy it and send us some Range Reports next time you are at the Range or shoot it.
    However, never try to take the Muzzle Break off of it. If you need to do that simply buy a new upper that is threaded and not pinned an brazed. In fact some companies produced them and they did not even have threads on the barrels under the Muzzle Breaks. And they machined too much metal to even thread the barrel if the Muzzle Break would be removed. By the way nice trigger also! The Rock River 2 Stage National Match Trigger is one of the finest available for the money today. $125 and *Under if you can find a sale at a Gun Show or Dealer.
    Enjoy it and send us some pictures and later some Range Reports next time you are at the Range or shoot it.

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