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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by danf_fl, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    About 9:12 PM (local) I received a call from someone stating that my computer "hacked" into an area.

    The woman with an Asian accent stated she was from Microsoft.

    I asked for the American representative and she said that one was not needed as she was with the London (as in UK) office.

    I could tell it was an overseas call as I heard an echo of what I said when I spoke.

    Following up on the telephone of (859) 355-5313, I found it belonged to someone in Kentucky.

    They wanted remote access into my computer.

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  2. msup752

    msup752 New Member

    I deal with victims of scammers all the time.
    Never talk to anyone who calls you, ever. Call the company back on a number you locate if you want to be sure it is legit. Never call back on a number the caller gives you.
    Never send anyone money via Western union, green cards or any other pre paid cards.

    In spite of what any caller tells you...
    No, you did not win a lottery or sweepstakes
    No, a wealthy prince is not giving you money
    No, your relative is not in prison in a foreign country and does not need bail money
    No, the authorities are not coming to arrest you in an hour if you can pay back taxes
    No one is shutting off your utilities unless you pay up right now...

  3. MisterMcCool

    MisterMcCool Well-Known Member Supporter

    There goes my weekend :(
  4. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    I would add that refugee camps in Sierra Leone do NOT have internet access.

    The daughter of a cocoa merchant does NOT want your help in moving $12 million of her late daddy's money out of the country.

    You did NOT have a relative that was a petroleum engineer that died in a car crash in a foreign nation.

    Microsoft does NOT give a crap if you have a virus, and they are NOT going to call you.

    The latest scam going around here in Central VA- you missed responding to a summons for jury duty, and you are going to jail unless you pay a fine- OVER THE PHONE.
  5. AmPaTerry

    AmPaTerry Forum Chaplain Lifetime Supporter

    I got one of these a couple weeks ago - a guy, claimed to be from Microsoft Network, and my computer was sending out viruses. I let him give his whole speal, than asked "Tell me - does anyone actually buy this load of crap you are spewing?"

    Click -
  6. Balota

    Balota ... but I used to play keyboards.

    I got that call yesterday. They said they had detected viruses on my machine. I literally laughed out loud and said "So tell me, how did you get access to my computer?" By the time I got done laughing they had hung up.
  7. RJF22553

    RJF22553 Well-Known Member

    I get these calls about twice a month. "From Microsoft" and I have a virus. I let the Pakistani or Indian start his spiel, gets into about a minute of it, then I tell him I don't use any Microsoft products - everything is a Mac. He still goes on, reading from a script. Then I just hang up.

    Next time, I'll tell him I run Linux, but I'm running out of operating systems I don't have.:)
  8. ellis36

    ellis36 Well-Known Member Supporter

    My wife was needing support for the new Quicken. The idiot on the Quicken helpline pulled the same thing on her. “Your computer is being hacked right now! For $200 I will stop the hack and protect you from all future hacks for a year.”

    And, by the way, he didn’t know a damn thing about Quicken!

  9. JerrBear48

    JerrBear48 Member

    Here is another "solution" that I have heard of, but never tried: When you get a telemarketer, just say, "Hold on a minute", lay the phone down and go about your business. See how long it takes for them to figure out that you are not coming back on the phone. (Any downside to this?) Everything I have read says that if you have caller ID and don't recognize a phone number, or suspect that it is a scam or telemarketer, just don't answer, ever.
  10. therewolf

    therewolf New Member

    Holy crap, Batman, I wish I had a nickel for

    every time I got THIS call! Do people actually fall

    for this melarkey?
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  11. ellis36

    ellis36 Well-Known Member Supporter

    The ones we get the most of are trying to “give” us a “free” back or leg brace. (With our SS info, of course, so they call bill Medicare for an $800 brace.) Or get us to change our diabetic medication supplier.
    The calling lists are usually controlled and dialed by computers. If you answer someone has to pick up the line to give you the spiel. That’s why so many times you answer and there are just clinks on the line…then a dial tone.

    If you don’t answer, the computer just records your number as “no one is home now” and reschedules it for a later time today or tomorrow. Picking up the receiver for a disconnect doesn’t seem to work either. Your number is never removed from the list. Every day the list is started over. I’ve found that being obnoxiously rude, while not stopping the calls, gives me some sadistic satisfaction. :D

  12. ratpacker

    ratpacker Member

    Sir, Mr MurXxtta.
    We will fix your computer & have it running tip tup shape......for € 300

    WHEN IN REALITY, so I says..........
    My computer fried..... with a burn't mother board 8 weeks prior to that ....and had been apart for 8 weeks.

    Geeze Saa heeb. Thanks
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  13. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    Next time, There will be an investigator answering the phone.

    "Please repeat and provide the correct spelling of your last name. What is your relationship to this number you called. Are you aware that we have arrested the owner for computer scamming? How can I get back to you to summons you as a witness?"
  14. rjd3282

    rjd3282 New Member

    Actually we should be calling Microsoft and telling them windows is a virus. Microsoft has absolutely no customer service. Try calling or emailing them and get help. It just doesn't happen. Bill Gates is the consummate scammer, he's made billions producing and selling crap for decades.
  15. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    I find it personally satisfying to learn enough of another's language to insult them.

    In Hindi- phonetically-

    Chore- (thief)

    Cho-tah (pickpocket)

    Che-nah (pig)

    Gow-dee (idiot)

  16. wknight40

    wknight40 New Member

    Got a high pitched police whistle that works very well. I'll answer the phone talking low so that they turn the headset up. Then I let the whistle blast go. Got so bad at one time the first thing they would say is "Please don't blow that whistle in my ear". What whistle, oh you mean this whistle? Sorry, quit calling then.
  17. hairbear1

    hairbear1 Member

    Copped some absolute pearler phone calls and emails over the years about winning money in the European/British lottery, Microsoft lottery, some sheila in Burkina Faso that's dying from cancer and she reckons I'm the best bloke ever to receive her money but she needs my email address etc, again some idiot in Burkina Faso wanting to move $20 million US into my account because her mother,brother,sister,uncle whatever is trying to steal the money from her that was left to her after her father who was a prominent politician/accountant/business man had died in a car/plane crash or from cancer.

    Then of course there's the tax man is coming to get you arrested unless you pay X amount of money but this Indian bitch unfortunately got the missus who promptly said that she wanted this sheila's name so that it can be recorded and given to the Fraud Squad.......................CLICK!

    My son had a real good comeback to 1 Indian clown who reckoned we had won a brand new Iphone and wanted to continue his line of bull**** but the young fella was a bit quicker and said "Guess what mate you've won the right as well!"

    The Indian on the other end asked after a few seconds of silence "And what is that right Sir?"

    Young fella "The right to a free hang up!" CLICK!

    If you've got kids around 5 years old that love to talk to anybody especially about mundane things like why her bestest friend is naughty or why does this happen then when you get 1 of the "we want to fix this/that improve your life" pests just get them to wait a second and get the kids on the phone and tell the kid that this bloke wants to know why her/his bestest friend is naughty....................that cures that problem in 2 seconds.

    Every now and then I get some poor bugger ringing up to try and get donations for the World Wildlife mob or the RSPCA(Australia) both lots are nothing more than extreme animal rights wankers especially the RSPCA and I got hold of 1 young fella 1 day and told him there was no way on God's green Earth that I would give the RSPCA or WWF any money or the steam off 1 of my turds(exact words sorry if it offends but...) and he was taken back a bit and asked why.

    10 minutes later after explaining what the RSPCA does and how they're responsible for putting down more dogs,cats etc than we hunters do and that PETA and the Greens were nothing more than a pack of lying animal rights idiots that don't want people owning animals because animals are people too and that we hunters are more pro conservation than any animal rights wankers he said he didn't realise that and agreed with what I was saying.

    Lastly I got some poor woman that rang me asking me about my faith etc and I was having a real bad day at the time as I had my own business and was trying to organise things.

    She was asking all sorts of stuff so I asked her what sort of underwear and bra was she wearing and is she into kinky stuff..................CLICK!
  18. TankTop

    TankTop Active Member Supporter

    I got one of these calls, I asked if he was mad at me because an F-15 dropped a Jdam on his cousin. I heard all kinds of insults I've never heard even as a car salesman.
  19. Mouser

    Mouser Member

    I remember as a kid, when the the phone rang we all RAN to it fighting to answer it....now the phone rings and look at the thing sitting there, vibrating, squwaking....asking who is it, should I answer, is it a scam, no caller ID F**k it I bet they want money. Then you disconnect your land line, sign up on the national do not call list and take to your bunker.

    My how times have changed...I'm only 48 years old and this is how things have changed in so short of time!
  20. Rex in OTZ

    Rex in OTZ Active Member

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