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    So the wife and i are just about done with NJ. We are looking to take our family south and as we are Tide fans we thought AL would be an interesting move. so we are trying to get down there maybe in November to take a look.
    We are looking into outside of the Huntsville area (as I'm in the tech field), prob western side (madison etc). But being a shooter, mainly sport USPSA, rimfire multigun etc. i thought it would be interesting to get a few places to look at while we are down there.
    but i had a couple of questions: (remember I'm from NJ, so these may be stupid questions near you but we are super restrictive up here)
    * what are some ranges to go to indoor/outdoor (prefer)
    * at ranges in AL, is steel ok to use, just paper??
    * What ranges in that area hold idea/uspsa/rimfire events (not looking for just state matches, but friendly level 1 local matches)
    * what are the laws about shooting on ones property (maybe links for info). And yes i understand if i can see my neighbors house i can't shoot.
    * Are there towns/counties that you can recommend that are more "shooter" friendly than others?

    if anyones got any general info/advice that would be great and appreciated
    Vinnie - ROLL TIDE!
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    Leaving NJ for Free America and you question gun range policies?

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    unfortunately you learn to question everything up here so you don't end up spending the last of your money on lawyers
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    What is the opposite of a rude awakening?
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    Joyous Enlightenment!:)
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    Madison is a nice area. I lived there some years ago and there was lots to offer.

    Once you move to AL get your drivers license. Once the permanent license arrives in the mail, go down to the sheriff office, fill out the form and get your pistol permit. Just a basic background check, pay a few dollars, then you can carry your pistol concealed most any where. Some counties you get it in 15 minutes, some they have to send it to you in the mail.

    Also go to your local gun shop and look around. When you see something you like, tell them you like it, pull out your drivers license, plop down your cash, and take your new pistol home. Easy as that.

    The places to shoot you'll figure out. About the biggest thing you may find is no outdoor shooting in the city limits in some places. Guns (and those who vote for gun loving politicians) are loved in AL.

    Keep in mind. We love freedom, dont like government much. If they ask about a NJ accent just tell folks you had to escape the NE and you moved to the free south. They'll understand.

    That about covers it. The rest youll figure out.
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    I cannot help you with what is going on now, but I went to school in Athens, AL in the late 60s. Athens is not too far from Huntsville. It is a nice area, a lot of great people, some duds, but you have them now. You just know who they are where you are now, and need to learn them wherever you go.

    I also grew up in SE PA, and spent a lot of time in South Jersey, so I have some knowledge of what you put up with. I still have a lot of friends who are living in South Jersey.

    I live in Central Florida now, but could go to N. Alabama anytime without expecting any problems. A good area, and a very friendly to firearms people.

    Good luck if that is where you go, or wherever else you choose. My only complaint in the late 60s, is I never found the downtown in Huntsville!