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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by falseharmonix, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. falseharmonix

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    Hello All,

    I'm surfing around the great WWW, and was wondering if anyone owns or has experience in ported aftermarket barrels with their Glocks?

    I've got a G19, and while I don't need a ported barrel (or a replacement barrel), I've been known to like shiny things...guess curiosity kills the cat :D
  2. ranger_sxt

    ranger_sxt New Member

    I use an after market barrel in my GLOCK 19 for practice, merely because it allows me to use lead bullets.

    As far as porting, it's pretty useless in a 9mm. The whole point of a ported barrel is to use the pressure coming from the round to reduce muzzle climb. This was incredibly important as IPSC shooters kept pushing rounds faster and faster, rounds like the 9x25 Dillon, 10MM, .45 ACP (to a lesser extent) and .38 Super +P. If you are having trouble controlling the recoil from a 9mm, you should really hit the gym some...

  3. falseharmonix

    falseharmonix New Member

    Nah, its not a recoil issue. Like I said, I just like shiny things :)

    I was just curious if there was any benefit with a ported 9mm barrel. It appears that there isn't. I suppose if I were speed shooting, or in competition (which I am certainly not) this would help with head dissipation?
  4. matt g

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    It won't help with heat dissipation much. My main complaint on ported barrels is that they throw fire and unburnt powder everywhere. In a defensive situation, they'll hurt your night vision and possibly damage your eyes.
  5. dango

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    I , am not a big fan of the compensated models .There's a lot of non directional debrise wich can be a nusance at least .Go shiney but go no ported . Just my opinion .;)

    I don't think you would benefit much if any with the ports but they do look cool at night !!
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