Popular knives, size comparison

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  1. wolverine_173

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    Here are some popular knives for size comparison.
    whats your favorite wilderness knife, steel, blade shape etc..?
  2. wolverine_173

    wolverine_173 New Member

    whats your favorite knife

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  4. Tackleberry1

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    CRKT Blue Ripple

    Just Got this Beauty in this week!

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  5. wolverine_173

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  6. kfox75

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    I keep a buck 119 Special, and a 105 Pathfinder in the hunting pack at all times. The Pathfinder is a good 5 inch fixed blade for more delicate tasks during field dressing. The 119 is the "Brute Force" option as it is 6.5 inches with a thicker, heavier blade. It is used for opening the rib cage on a deer, or removing feet from rabbits while skinning.

    both are about 25 years old, and they do look like they have been used, but they are not used up. I don't care about pretty, how well they do the job I need them to is what matters. Both have served me well from finishing off snapping turtles in NC, to quartering an elk in CO. Can't ask for more than that IMHO.
  7. John_Deer

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    For EDC I like a buck 110, Schrade sharpfinger or Gerber WalloWalla. All three knifes carry easy. They are inexpensive to replace when I use my knife for a chisel. I bought a cordless sawsall for deer bones and heavy stuff.
  8. Donn

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    Swiss Army Cadet in my pocket, Fully serrated Spyderco Delica clipped in the other for bigger jobs. Have to balance quality with cost in case something happens to one or both.
  9. GTX63

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    A cheap winchester goes on my belt everymorning. I suppose it is a survival knife as I use it everyday for about everything something else could do better.
    Keep a buck in my camper and a Kbar in the truck.
  10. Hookeye

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    Most of my deer (and a bunch of others my buds tagged) were done with a home made drop point (bottom one in pic), fashioned at work and home, when I was newly married and broke. The Japanese made blade I got from a bud's dad, was of an upswept type (like a Buck Kalinga). The wood is just oak from a flooring project an engineer had (he was stopped in the middle of the project when he cut some fingers off LOL- they got reattached). The brass pc was formed with a file, took a few TV shows to get that done (sitting in the chair). All of it is glued together, some special stuff my materials science guy in advanced development had. The blade had holes through the handle area, so I drilled into the wood on the backsides, to form a bit of a glue "rivet". I cured the wood in an oven, before glue/clamp/cure of adhesive. It looks like crap............but then this was made 24 yrs ago, and has cleaned hundreds of geese, doves rabbits and close to 100 deer.
    Sharp SOB, worked so well I never "upgraded". The lines aint all that great but it is what it is, couldn't do much more with it.

    Did buy a Benchmade 530 for pocket carry, I worked the heck out of it and finally nuked it scrapping flash from a large die at work. Tired of it (11 yrs or so) so just dumped it in the trash and got a beater CRKT drop point M21-02G. It's got a heavier spine that the BM so might be "better" for deer. I only did a couple with the 530, worked just fine.

    Dunno.....not really into "big" knives, there's a guy who makes knives nearby and I snagged one of his "neck knife" models. Half Breed is the name of his company/shop. It's the one at the top in the pic.
    I go along side the sternum and up through the pelvic canal. No need for saw or axe, or kicking some thick/big fixed blade to "break bone".

    I field dress a decent deer in about 5 mins, with no blood past my wrists...........with medium to small knives. Might have to keen up more, but then I tend to work the same area of the knife no matter what, so a bigger needs the same treatment. Maybe the wrong way to go about it, but it works.

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  11. DrFootball

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    Kershaw Blur clipped to right inside pocket, Explorer Night Raider 3 Fixed toothpick Boot/Belt at 8:30-9 position EDC. Out in the desert, any number of fixed blades on the belt or harness.

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