Poor mans floater barrel

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Mandy, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Mandy

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    I posted this in another forum, but here it goes .......

    I came to think that since some snipers shoot the AR15/M16 platform offhand griping the magwell instead of the handguard, it must be due to wanting to have all the support on the receiver and none on the barrel, the same principle as the floating barrels.

    At first I found this technique a bit strange, but upon close inspection seems logical not to put pressure on the standard barrel handguard to add a little more precision on your shots, I know it won't be a lot of diference, but seems logical IMO

    I found this strange add-on that addresses that technique for a low price.


    What do you think about both, the technique and the magwell grip?

    Is it worth it? or just a waste of money

  2. mjkeat

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    I used to use the mag-well grip but switched over a couple years ago. Gripping the hand guard as far out as possible lends to greater control and shot placement, free floated HG or not.

    That grip is gimmicky IMO and not worth the $25+ shipping.

  3. JonM

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    i vote total waste of money and very bad technique
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    As MJ advised I like holding farther out on the Handguard but using caution not to put excessive pressure or pull on it. You might try that! A lot of shooters hold the Magazine well area. But if you do keep your hand and pressure off the Magazine. That can cause issues also by putting pressure on the magazine. I guess the frills are OK if you like them. And if you want to spend the money. But be sure they do not effect the function or operation of the weapon.

  6. Mandy

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    Great info, I'm not into buying this add-on, just educating myself about how is the best way to shoot my AR, in the other forum the consensus is the same, the farther the hold the better for offhand use.
    I love my AR and want to get the most out of it, since it's a 16" M4, it won't benefit from a floating barrel that much so it'll stay stock.

    My next AR will be a built (hopefully) and I want to know what to buy and what not to waste my money on, also techniques that will enhance my shooting are welcome.

    As for the new AR I'm thinking on a BCM lower and 20" or 24" SS bull barrel upper, still not sure what company to buy, since I still got time to decide, seems like many hrs reading posts here on FTF. :cool: