Pondering possibly ditching the .45

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  1. CrazedJava

    CrazedJava New Member

    Just looking for some thoughts and not trying to start a caliber war.

    Without getting into platform nonsense (so thus, I will not talk about particular firearms that I am currently shooting or considering) I am seriously considering ditching the .45 ACP.

    I've always had a healthy respect for the caliber and I enjoy shooting it. I think a lot of issues people have with its recoil is overblown. I taught my oldest son to shoot with a .45 ACP handgun when he was 13. I think it's a manageable and respectable caliber.

    Problem is, I'm having issues finding range ammo these days. Don't say anything about reloading. For a variety of reasons that is not an option. Cheap decent ammo is hard to come by and has been for awhile. Even in the panic days my odds of finding 9mm were about the same. 9mm has always been cheaper and it's getting hard to ignore the evidence that SD rounds are fairly close in performance to .45. Combine that with the cost and the fact that your average 9mm has a 3rd to double the capacity of most .45's and I'm really wondering if it's worth it anymore.

    Availability, cost, and negligible performance between self defense rounds are what I'm considering. A lot of it is cost though. My ideal spend point for 9mm is about $15 for a box of 50. I can find it cheaper than that all day long, but within a dollar of that is easy. For .45 I don't blink at $20 for a box of 50, and I'd been firing Tula and Monarch for $15 to $17 a box. Well, the cheap crap has disappeared and even the lower end stuff has vanished. I'm having a hard time justifying $23 to $27 a box. I tend to pick up a few rounds of this or that every week and am working on rebuilding my modest stockpile. I seriously considered dropping $100 today for 250 rds. but I am also trying to save up for some additional firearms and not blow my cash on large ammo purchases. Might be worth it, but eventually I'll be in this boat again.

    I'm just not sure .45 is worth the cost anymore.
  2. Sm3lliot

    Sm3lliot New Member

    Sounds like you've answered your own question.
    My opinion's biased tho, I've always leaned towards 9mm. Hope you find your answer, I know what it feels like to be torn on a question that's been asked millions of times before.

  3. SSGN_Doc

    SSGN_Doc Well-Known Member

    Take some of your ammo budget and save up and find a 9mm you like and buy it. Shelf the .45 for a while ammo prices haven't fully stabilized yet.

    I buy .45 less frequently than I buy 9mm, but do pick some up from time to time, and put it in the stockpile. Then when I have the itch to shoot .45, I can.

    I bought a .40 and a .357 Sig barrel, because in my area, .45 and 9mm were practically unobtainable but I could find .40 and .357 Sig on the shelves. Once things began to improve I was finding .40 for less than 9 or .45.

    Having some variety can be useful.
  4. CrazedJava

    CrazedJava New Member

    I have decided to keep the handgun for now. I love it and have a feeling I might regret it later. Don't want to find myself in that position again.
  5. Defiant_one

    Defiant_one New Member

    As pointed out

    Get yourself a fun 9mm. I sort of did the same thing...reduced my multi-calibers down so I have 9mm and .223 for the rifle. Other calibers get pricey.

    I can tell you this. Some awesome ammo in 45. for about .31 a round


    Free shipping on first order

    I bought their reman 9mm and .223 - AMAZING prices and amazing ammo. They make NEW also so this is no mom and pop show. Ever 50 comes in a box and tray - no loose cartridges....I was impressed.
  6. Overkill0084

    Overkill0084 Active Member

    You sound like you might be in a place where reloading might well be worth your consideration.
    I certainly wouldn't be a big fan of .45 acp if all I had was factory ammo.
  7. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    To each, their own.

    I have other calibers besides the good ol' .45 that I enjoy shooting.
    But, I have used the .45 for competition, self-defense, home defense, and other things.

    I look at the cost of ammo as a by product of what I like to do. If my car required use of premium gas due to the high performance aspects, then so be it.
    The high cost of .45 ammo has reduced my practicing with the .45, but I still practice. It's just that the .22 helps to keep the basics fresh.
  8. JTJ

    JTJ Well-Known Member Supporter

    the more calibers you have the better the chances of finding something to shoot. I almost bought a 40 when that was all you could find on the shelf but I had a good stock of 9 and 45. If I had been low I would have bought the 40 just so I could get ammo.
  9. rifleman1

    rifleman1 New Member

    Over the last couple years 9mm has become my favorite round,not only can you get any platform in 9mm but is is cheap and fun to shoot,and another great thing is there are plenty of self defense rounds to choose from.
    The biggest choice for me to switch is the ease of teaching my younger shooters with the 9mm I have confidence that my wife and two kids are very comfortable with the 9mm over the 45acp, I still own both and my family can shoot both but the 9mm is just a more forgiving round in the hands of smaller framed shooters and we are able to train with it a lot more veal cause of thesis and price.
  10. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    high end defensive 9mm comes close the 45acpfmj in effectiveness.

    when you compare 45acp high end defensive to the same in 9mm it is no contest

    9mm ~.55
    45acp ~.80

    purely from a defensive pov 45 is definately the better round as it will make a bigger permanent channel and allow the goblin to leak faster.

    that being said, my pref is for 45acp but i carry a 9mm M9 beretta 20+1 most of the time i can carry a larger pistol.

    with the change in the attitude of goblins lately with multiple attackers becoming the norm and mayors and governors in states like missouri promoting and encouraging lawless bahaviour, ive opted for sheer firepower.

    i just see a nation that promotes vile thuggish mob/gang behaviour and its spreading from the white house down.

    so i understand the desire for a larger capacity easier to shoot handgun and caliber you can find ammo for.
  11. Chainfire

    Chainfire Well-Known Member Supporter

    That is why I bought a Beretta 92FS. For a while I could not find any .45 ACP and 9mm was plentiful. I enjoy shooting both.
  12. JCS53

    JCS53 That looks like it hurt Lifetime Supporter

    I just bought 500 Rounds from Freedommunitions..all new stuff averaged out to somewhere around $17.00 @ 50 box...Pretty good IMO....
  13. rifleman1

    rifleman1 New Member

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  14. sweeper22

    sweeper22 New Member

    I see nothing wrong with selecting 9mm over 45acp. I shoot and carry these two calibers more than any other. I wouldn't feel under-prepared with a 9mm.

    One caliber is often not clearly better than the next...personal tastes and needs are major factors. Frame size, controllability, cost, and capacity should be considered in addition to the ballistics acquired with a single pull of the trigger.
  15. jimmyp7162

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    Excellent thread to read. It was refreshing not to have any bashing going on or people saying someone is way off based and misguided...you know how it goes! Good job, gents!

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  16. gr8oldguy

    gr8oldguy New Member

    I like and shoot both calibers. It's six of one and half dozen of the other. Whatever you choose to do, I promise it will be the right decision. good luck
  17. Defiant_one

    Defiant_one New Member

    Here is some thoughts for you

    9mm is always going to be cheaper than .45 - the last price you saw quoted (freeddommunitions) works out to .34 a round - their 9mm is about .20

    You buy 1000 rounds - one will cost you 200, the other 340...quite a difference

    So maybe you like the style and feel of your .45 - a 1911 perhaps ? There are many 1911's in 9mm so you could get something similar but in a cheaper caliber.

    Here is a list but I know it goes on from there


    experiment and try a different style 9mm...if you ask here, you will get 100 suggestions :D
  18. JimRau

    JimRau Well-Known Member Supporter

    It sounds to me like you already figured it out logically. ;)
  19. Mongo

    Mongo Active Member Supporter

    I am not accurate shooting .45acp. I shoot 9mm and 10mm. 9mm costs $250 per thousand in bulk and 10mm Remington $28.95 per box of 50. I'm the only one in the family (cousins too) that shoots 10mm. Everyone else shoots .45acp.
  20. Shoobee

    Shoobee New Member

    My thoughts are virtually the same. There is very little difference between JHP 9mm and 45ACP.

    Which ever one of the two you trust the most is the best way for you to go.

    Trust is more of a visceral thing. And it also depends on which one you have been around with the most. For me it is the 45ACP.
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