Pompous arrogant nature of this buffoon!

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    Well ammoland on O'Reilly. The pompous a-- arrogant nature of this buffoon will not be on my TV set.


    Moderate (never a conservative) Bill O’Reilly has as demonstrated through his comments over years, and those of the last couple of weeks, especially those on air this last Tuesday, August 14 2012, now easily established himself as the strongest and most powerful anti-gun, anti-NRA and anti-Second Amendment (which he claims to support) advocate in the Country.

    His all-knowing, arrogant, impossible to correct and flat out lying (he knows the facts) in the face of facts, given to him by those who can contact him, are typical of the anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment comments we have heard for decades.

    Statements such as “AK-47s and AR-15s are heavy-weapons” and“assault weapons and bazookas should not be available to people”, “AR-15/AK firearms can be easily be converted to machine guns”, “anyone can get a machinegun”,“people should not be allowed to have such guns” and so much more.

    It all displays his left leaning arrogant anti-gun advocacy. BUT it is not ignorance—in his position he knows the facts from well informed people, he know the truth and yet he continues on his own personal propaganda war against firearms and the Second Amendment.

    We can ask why, but then again why ask?

    The pompous arrogant nature of this buffoon and his lies cannot be corrected, even by his on and off air friends. So why support his show and his advertisers any longer? If you do—don’t, (I never did because of all of the above on air character issues).

    Tell your friends too, because while he may blow off in his blowhard way efforts of this type –the FOX network does not.

    He needs to get a new job at MSNBC. Pass it along.

    Jim Shults: A proven supporter of our Constitution and Bill of Rights–while we still have one (how about you?)
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    Oreilly lost my support. In fact he gets the pinhead traitor award.