Polymer longevity

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  1. Striker9Mil

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    What’s the longest that you have consistently carried the same polymer framed pistol? This question is really for those that don’t tend to purchase many guns and don’t switch between options from time to time.
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  2. Dallas53

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    i don't get sentimentally attached to polymer pistols, so i do tend to trade and buy on an occasional basis. i accept their qualities and appreciate them for what they are, but many times they are trading fodder or to buy something else that i might like better. and i tend to stay with particular brands.

    but usually about 1 to 3 years on a normal basis is what they tend to spend in rotation.
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  3. IowaShooter

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    I carried a little Keltec P32 frequently for about 3 years. No problems with it. Shot it often and kept it clean (had a tendency to collect lint from pocket carry)

    Other 9's and 380's and .45's have only been for a year at most
  4. Chainfire

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    Polymer guns have not been around long enough to see how long that they will last. The oldest gun that I shoot on any regular basis was designed by committee in 1888 and was made in 1889 so I can personally vouch for a good steel guns lasting at least 129 years. Those guns are good enough for me.

    I know that polymer guns have a faithful following, I also know that they are reliable pieces, they are lightweight, they won't rust, etc., but to me, their greatest claim to fame is that they are just cheap to make. The best polymer gun in the world just doesn't interest me like a Hi-Power, a 1911, a high quality wheel gun or even an alloy pistol like a Beretta 92. It may just be an old man thing, but no matter what bells and whistles Glock adds to it's newest product, I just don't want one at any price point. They are not things of beauty and they are representative of our cheap throw-away society.
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  5. Danoobie

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    I've carried a "polymer" (What, you ain't allowed to call plastic "plastic", anymore?)
    pistol for 15 hours, one day last week. It was so light I forgot I had it on. One thing I have noticed about Pollymurrs is they don't tend to take wear and tear as easily as metal
    guns, which ding, scratch, and wear their coating off much more readily.
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  6. Ross82

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    I carry polymer, I've also learned not to fall in love with them, I consider them tools
  7. Danoobie

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    I don't know, the PMR30 and the FNX, with the barrel extensions, look sort of