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    Has anyone seen/fired/owned a Cavalry Arms Cav-15 lower? It's a solid piece of glass filled nylon 6 polymer assembled from two halves using a linear vibration welding process and includes the butt, grip, and trigger guard. It uses all standard mil-spec parts with the exception of the take down pins. I've been thinking about getting one for my first AR-15 build, while i still can. Please let me know your thoughts.

    Polymer lower... hell I just had a total mental lapse. Will a Mod please delete this and save me some embarrasment before anyone sees it? I may as well just throw out my manhood and buy a Glock.
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    I have a Cav lower and have no complaints about it at all. It's light and well made.

    The pivot and take down pins are specific to the lower as they are slightly longer than standard pins and have detent bearings.

    The buffer and spring are retained by a pin which you will have to supply tourself also. I used an appriopriate diameter drill bit ground to the proper length. The rest of the internals are standard.

    I am using mine for a light weight build with an A1 countour 16" barrel and carbon fiber carbine forend. Should weigh in around, maybe slightly under, 5 pounds if the barrel ever gets here.

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    I don't have a Cav, and I'm kicking myself for that.

    They are great pieces of equipment, and the guys at Cav are great people.