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    Does anyone know if polychokes are still made?
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    I do not know if they are still made. I would think that older gun smith shops may have one in inventory. Guns where I live do not bring as much money. I have one and I don't realy know why they or criteria where put on. Or realy how to adjust it.


  3. I have a old Western Auto/Revalation 16ga bolt action with a polly choke. I know alot of people use rimfire for squirells but I use this gun. Ive had several people tell me to cut that off and install screw in's. But I like the ability for the quick change of patter, just reach up and twist.

    As far as still making them, Ive not seen any on NIB guns. But I have seen screw in choke tubes that is a polly choke diffrent thread fitting for diffrent guns same twisting setting as the old ones.
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    yes they are

    yes the poly choke is still made... cabelas sells them too, and the company that makes them sells them too, there are a few different versions, screw in and non screw in and with and without a muzzel break, the non screw in ones youll have to send the barrel into the company. more info can be found at http://www.poly-choke.com