poly stock vs wood for accuracy

Discussion in 'Mini-14 Forum' started by hawkguy, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. hawkguy

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    i have never bedded my mini stock for accuracy. at this point, it shoots well enough that i am pretty afraid to mess with it. but i know bedding as a proven mod, so i think about it now & then.

    i purchased a SS 580 mini. it came in a poly stock. imo, this stock always seemed to have a considerable amount of "play" or looseness to it. my gun came out of the stock very easily for cleaning.

    i got older style wood stock cause i found a deal and disliked the look and feel of the ruger poly stock. upon switching them out, the first i discovered was how hard it was to fit into the wood stock. i really had to put some weight and muscle on it to snap in the trigger assembly. it is a tight fit. it has gotten a little easier with use.

    has anyone noticed an increase/decrease in accuracy between the two stocks? i think the wood stock being such a tight fit might be an advantage. however, i don't know if this is the experience with all wood stocks.

    just thinking out loud....:confused:
  2. Stillwater

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    From the sound of it, as long as there aren't any barrel pressure points, it should shoot quiet well...


  3. p35bhp55

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    Gundoc has my Factory poly stock and it will come back bedded, I'll post the results when it does. I have a Ramline plastic camo he did and it locks up tight. Recently bought A Bell&Carlson to go on my new (to me) 581 RR and it's tighter than a booger now. It will get bedded when I send it anyway cause I can't help but think too tight might also be a problem. I'm pretty sold on having stocks fit.
  4. tri70

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    Have you tried shimming the plastic?
  5. Jeff_F

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    What I have found with my 185 in its factory wood stock is that it shoots well and is accurate, but when I pull it from its stock for cleaning and replace it I notice a definite POI change until I fire around 5 rounds. Its real noticeable at 50 yards, you can see the POI moving, as it goes back to POA/POI. It acts like it has to settle itself back into the stock. I'm thinking bedding might cure that.