Polls and Research Prove It!

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    Two Studies Show Dramatic 20-Year Crime Drop;
    Americans Rank Gun Control Low Priority in Poll

    Separate analytical studies released this week by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Pew Research Center confirmed that crimes involving firearms, as well as violent crime in general, have dropped dramatically in the last two decades, even as the nation's population has risen and firearms ownership has increased.

    These data-driven reports generally do not help the cause of gun-control advocates and politicians who more than ever are using emotional appeals and media-attracting public appearances by survivors of tragedies, or their family members, to advance agendas that do not truly address the causes of violence in our society. For example, the DOJ study demonstrated that only 1 percent of criminals obtained their firearms at gun shows and that semiautomatic rifles figured into less than 2 percent of crimes involving firearms.

    Those advocates are aided by the public misperceptions reported in a Pew Center poll, that crimes involving firearms are rising. This was released to accompany it's analysis of crime data. Only 12 percent of Americans surveyed in that poll correctly replied that crime has been, in fact, significantly reduced in the last 20 years, as opposed to 56 percent who thought it was higher. On the other hand, Americans in a new Gallup poll do not rank gun control as a top national priority, placing it next to last on a list of 12 issues on which they think the President and Congress should be working. GUN VIOLENCE IS DOWN 49% since 1993. Violence

    So once again only believe what you see and not what you hear! The Obama Administration's white wash of the real truth. There are now some 340-400 million guns in the hands of private citizens today!

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    IMHO, if the LEO bosses would concentrate on gang and drug related activity, the stats will be even better.