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    Obama knows he can't get an AWB through congress. This whole issue is political posturing, to take our minds off of the fact the economy is in the toilet, foreign policy is in total disarray, and the country is going to hell in general.

    Ufortunately, we've also got some political posturing on our side as well.

    When state legislatures pass bills to stop federal laws from being enforced, it's just political posturing as well.

    We fought a civil war over this issue 150 years ago. The federal government will always prevail over state govrnment. Posturing not withstanding.

    When a sheriff says he will refuse to enforce federal laws, he is well within his rights. When he says he will arrest BATF agents for enforcing them, he's blowing smoke.
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    I think everyone needs to calm down. A lot.

    Anyone who has read and understood the EO's will see they are largely meaningless with a few of them being either unfunded mandates, which cannot be enforced, or giving POTUS an excuse to spend more money.

    Don't get so distracted by the EO's that we lose focus on Congress, where the real fight will be. We need to remind politicians that if they want to retain their job in 2014 they damn well better stop this nonsense.

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    I don't know. I know a little about that Ky sheriff. He says it he means it. He's a no sh!t type of guy. He's just one county away from me. Now what happens to him when/if he does it? That's another matter entirely.

    I'm inclined to agree with you about the ban thing. I just don't see it passing both houses. But it will be a tool used to try and black eye the people that don't vote for it. I think if Obama really wanted to get some kind of ban in place he would have tried another end around Congress. They might get bits and pieces if they break the whole thing into small parts and try to piggyback other bills. As we know this is pretty common.

    I'm not so sure that some type of civil unrest would be so cut and dry for the feds. I can't say the peopel would be able to overrun the feds either. There will be plenty of military to fire on U.S. citizens just like it was not a problem in the civil war long ago. I hear how this or that soldier wont. And I believe them. But I also think there will be plenty that will if called upon.
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    The sheep are panicked and the flock is stampeding.

    This is NOT to say we should stop contacting our erected officials, local, state and fed and voicing where we stand.
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    Now I'm more concerned about what laws were passed while the nation was distracted with this...
    Everyone who would call him out on BS has been severely distracted by the whole gun thing...
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    I'm not sure what everyone got so worked up about. The executive orders amounted to enforcing existing laws, which is entirely legal and prudent. Why existing laws weren't enforced to begin with is beyond my understanding, but that's the extent of his mandates.

    The President is asking Congress to enact magazine and semi-automatic firearm bans. The Congress is not going to do that, so it's a political gesture to show the President is "serious" about "gun control". The operative word in "gun control" is not "gun" it's "control". Like all dictators, this dictator is only interested in "control" over the people he dictates to.

    If the President was serious about "gun control", he'd be asking for bans on handguns because of the disproportionate number of people killed by handguns. He is not, he just wants to take away any weapons that could pose a threat to his regime implementing any of the other "control" measures.

    Chief among Obama's wishes is to curtail freedom of speech (Fairness Doctrine) and to further erode civil liberties pertaining to police powers. I'm really shocked that anyone is surprised at a dictator attempting power grabs or diminishing civil rights. That's kinda what they do.

    The "rights" that we have, or "privileges" as I like to call them, really only exist as long as the government chooses to uphold them. Once the will to do that is gone, all democracies become dictatorships and then slowly slip into chaos. We're watching this happen right now. I suspect it'll take another 10-20 years, but we're accelerating along our path to dictatorship and plenty of Americans are cheering the process on.

    Hopefully the next administration will fundamentally change the nature of the interaction between government and the people, but I think I have a better chance of winning the lottery than living to see that happen.
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    There is still a budget matter that needs to be worked on......

    And the 500 million dollar plan does not help that.
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    erected officials you say? there are so many ways I could go with this one - but I'll take a guess it's just a typo
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    That's what I thought, but that L and R are fairly far away from each other on the key board.
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    It's not even about controlling the people. It's about controlling the competition. Lately it seems like everyone with a CNC shop and knowledge of firearms is making AR-15s. Soon they will have the connections, marketing and labor force to make conventional firearms. The big gun manufacturers can't have gun making turn into a cottage industry. They have to stop the competition. Just like the last AWB only stopped the importation of firearms from China and Russia. The big gun manufacturers couldn't have an SKS on the cover of Field and Stream with the headline saying the poor mans deer rifle.
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    Nope, no typo.

    I have stated before many MANY times around here. No matter WHO gets erected, we're all gonna get screwed.

    So every 2 years we have an erection. Then sometimes we get new erected officials, but typically we end up with the same old pricks screwing us.
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    Distractions you say? Its like a bloody 3 ring circus in Washington and our Crapitols! Their isnt focus of any sort that we can view but its happening behind the curtain. In NY, we call that "3 men in a room"! Thats how 99% of our laws, budgets and other crap gets compromised FOOG, not the open forum of our Halls of Government. Soundproof rooms, down and dirty, trading favors and threats like mobsters!

    Nixon got brought down by a single event that he didnt even have a part in initially and his legacy was dismantled like a bridge. BHO's got so many Un-Explained-Gates that have never been resolved his White House looks like one giant Question Mark. We ask the questions, get no answers and they throw new chaff in the air to get our attentions away from the "Man Behind The Curtain".

    Americans are pretty lazy and have short memories for the most part when it comes to their rolls in their Nation. We like automatic things other than Machine Guns, just get it rolling and let it control itself! Its the proverbial "American Easy Button". After all, we have our Constitution and BORs to make sure were not getting screwed by our own government dont we? Of course they will follow the rules, after all, its the law of the land! Hell, many of us dont even vote anymore cause someone else will do it for them "There all the same anyways", or "My vote Doesnt count so I wont Vote" or "I dont have time to learn who any of them are"!

    Automatic is great but if you dont maintain that which is a finely tuned and balanced system, it will run amuck, stall, fail to start, lose all efficiencies and suffocate itself and others just like our Governments are doing now! They arent just chopping our hands off, they have become so dysfunctional that the only way anything gets done is by Threat of Disaster, Decree or the just go on f'n vacation and let the chips fall on our heads. An 8th grader could tell you how our Governments are supposed to work but our Republicrats cant and wont use the systems in place for centuries to create their permanent marks on society, they just make it up as they go along.

    We should be ashamed of our neighbors that didnt vote last time, didnt write their congresspeople this time yet have the gall to ***** about how the election turned out! Iraqis know what we forgot, our only real power as citizens is in our vote every two years!