Polish P35 WWII

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    Hi, i recently came upon a Polish P35 in good condition, not a museum piece by any means, but solid and functional, again, fair/good condition, with visible wear, google the gun and it's in about the same condition of most of the pics . The pistol has the nazi waffenamt in two places that I saw, possibly more, it has a de-cocker and if my memory serves me, a blue barrel (could be mistaken, didnt know what a P35 was a few days ago), it has no grips, but is priced at 150 bucks, sounds like a buy to me but I'm new to this game. He also has a gem of a Lee enfield 303, not sure of the model, for $325 with very little wear. Are either of these worth buying? Any help is much appreciated.
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    If you can score a Vis P35 for $150, do it. Entry level on them is around $600 these days.

    They are great shooters, BTW.

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    Just buy the P35. If you don't like it, I'll take it off your hands for free. ;)