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    I posted pics of this recently purchased rifle in another thread but now I need help with marking info.

    Its a WWI Polish K98, a reparations rifle from Germany, later it was sold/given to Spain during the Spanish civil war (which I know because there is a large "A" stamped on the stock). It was scrubbed of all receiver markings except the serial number "40XX H" and a small "790" at the top center of the receiver ring below the step, plus the serial number repeated on other parts. The other markings I'm curious about are in the sling bar well, on one side is a gothic "4" and another mark on the other side that I've included a picture of (little ladybug looking thing). Any information on these markings and the rifle would be greatly appreciated.

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    Your Rifle was built by Radom! Polish Radom K98 (Wz29) Rifles were exported to many countries. The ones used in the Spanish civil war came in through China, Mexico, Peru, and Greece. You should find a Z inside a circle.