Policemen to learn ballet

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    Policemen to learn ballet

    Traffic policemen in a Romanian town have started taking ballet lessons to make them more graceful.

    A total of 20 officers at Timisoara, in Timis county, have enrolled for classes with two professional dancers.

    Dorel Cojan, head of community police in Timisoara, said: "We see this new concept as a way to make our agents look better on the streets.

    "They can learn how to be agreeable and make the traffic more fluent at the same time. After all, it's all about grace."

    Sorin Baltica, who worked for 27 years as a ballet dancer for the Romanian Opera in Timisoara, said: "I think this is a positive thing and I am glad I can help.

    "Why shouldn't policemen be pleasant and well mannered when they pull drivers over? Instead of having robots guiding the traffic, we can have very graceful agents doing the same thing."

    One of the police students, Ciprian Lascu, said: "I never imagined I would take ballet lessons but here I am. I think we need these lessons and hope we can learn very quickly how to move with elegance on the streets."

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    I doubt there has been a working cop anywhere that at sometime hasn't done a little dancing, usually avoiding the chief.............

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    there needs to be a dont ask dont tell policy to go with this