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    I'm a police officer in South Bend, IN and we currently issue a limited number of patrol rifles. I'm trying to gather information to present to the administration trying to talk them in to allowing officers to carry their personally owned AR style rifles. If anyone has either department policies allowing this or know of agencies that do, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

    Sgt. Bill Kraus
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    Our policy has morphed over the years. It started out as any repeater Semi-Auto, Bolt action, or Lever action with a minimum of .223 caliber and max of .30-06. No Magnums allowed. No pistol caliber carbines allowed.
    Now it is AR-15's, AR-10's and their various clones. .223/5.56 or .308.

    To carry the rifle the officer must complete a 30 hour class and qualify 1x annually.

    Ammo must be Soft Point, or Hollow Point. Match or Premium Hunting grade ammo. No FMJ.

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    James Yeager of Tactical Response, Inc. has written a very good article about issuing/allowing the use of patrol rifles. If you go to Groupee Login, and ask, he is usually pretty friendly about helping departments get patrol rifles...
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    I went to the site and registered, how do I find him? Does he go by his name or screen name?
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    My cousin is a trooper with the Indiana State Police, I think they do the same procedure as Robocop stated. He was issued a 5.56/.223 AR-15 and also sometimes has his .308 AR-10 in the car.
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    the dept that i work for will let us carry our own ar-15 or mini-14 and issuse the anmo used. we also qualify 2x a year
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    For policy and justification, you may want to get in touch with Peter Tarly here:
    Police Academy

    I went to one of their operator's courses when I did the carbine policy and training proposal for my department.

    I work in Vermont and he made it clear that should the need arise he would be available for follow on contact despite the fact that he lives and works in New York.

    He definitely knows the ins and outs of the policy and verbage required to make a successful pitch to your higher ups.

    Based on his information and other, much smaller pieces from numerous sources, I got my proposal approved with no issues.

    AR-15 or varients or Mini 14 .223/ 5.56. Ammo approved and provided by department, as well as the standard liability crap. PM me and I'll email you my final draft of the policy if you want.

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