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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by mrwatch, May 18, 2008.

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    This last week in Battle Creek, Michigan police were out on a domestic call. It was around daylight and they seen a black bear roaming the neighbor hood. They called the DNR but too far away. Called Binder Park Zoo but they said they don't keep any bears and couldn't help. Being about time for kids to walk to school they shot it several times. With what? The bear ran off and climbed a tree. Being about school time they finally were able to kill it. They sent it to Lansing for testing. Too bad i'm sure it would have been tasty.:D So how many shots from a Glock does it take to kill a bear?:confused: Of course folks complained to the media that it wasn't spared. We don't hear much about them being this far south in the state. Bob
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    Is that before or after the bear stops laughing????

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    what caliber rounds were used? if it was 9 mm it will be much different than a .45. of course head shots make it a lot quicker.
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    I lived in Mi for 14 years. I never heard of a bear wandering the cities in the BC area. They should have sent that bear over to my mothers house:)
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    bear wanders around here it end up with graffie spray painted all over it
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    if someone wanted to spare the bear i would have gladly told them to go try and talk it into leaving before my children got out of school. :D
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    PETA just need to eat a few steaks, maybe go deer hunting with me, I'm pretty sure when they gripe I can paint a white tail on those bunny hugging freaks.
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    Speaking of Bears in Town...

    In 1977, 78 & 79 I lived with my parents in Valdez, Alaska. Cold, desolate and surrounded by mountains on pretty much all land sides, it's more than a bit remote.

    Our first winter there was quite an experience, since we had moved from Grand Rapids, Mi, to Sunny San Diego and then on to Alaska. This was no easy winter, one of the worst on record in the last 20 years at the time.

    In any event, there was a Kodiak Brown that was coming down into town at night and tipping over industrial 2-door garbage cans, the types used by supermarkets and places like that, basically eating anything it could find. At the time there wasn't a real big population in Valdez, basically if your parents didn't work for the city, the school district or the pipeline, there wasn't much of a reason to live there. So the local sheriff decided to round up a hunting 'posse' of people who had been large animal hunting before and go out on a search and destroy.

    A group of about 20 or 25 locals went out hunting on one Weds. morning and came home with the offending animal. Sitting in the back of an old Dodge Power Wagon, the kind used in the Simon & Simon TV show, this big bastard had his head against the cab of the truck and with the tailgate down, his heels were dragging on the ground when it came into town. My old man was one of the hunters and he carried an old .45/70 lever action at the time, he told me that a group of about 10 of the guys came upon the bear and instead of taking off, it charged one of the guys and pretty much everyone opened up on it. My old man didn't get a shot off, because of the line of fire, but he told everyone that he had it in his sights for the headshot when the animal went down... LOL

    In any event, the animal was skinned and put on the wall at one of the most popular watering holes in town, The Lamplighter Hotel and Bar. Far as I know, up into the 1980's when my old man was back up there on a job assignment, that old bear was still on the wall in the Lamplighter with a picture of all those "old timers" who took it down with probably more firepower than your average police department has in their weapons cage today.

    Suffice to say, in answer to your question, it took a hell of a lot more rounds than a couple of pistols to bring down a real Kodiak, and I would suspect it would take more than a couple of troopers to bring down a North American Black or Brown Bear with just their service pistols in one lone encounter....

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    I am not real sure about this but, I have read or heard that in the upper peninsula of Michigan some people hunt black bears using dogs. Sometimes taking them with a 44 magnum. I'd rather have a big rifle! Not long ago one was rounded up in a neighborhood on the north end of Grand Rapids. My neighbor said he ate a piece and it tasted sweet. Didn't say how it was cooked. My motor cycle club used to tent camp at a guys farm in the U. P. and he said he thought about bumping a bear in the road with his V W Rabbit but it was as big as his car. Cougars have been sited and pictures taken but the DNR still is not ready to admit they live in Mich. supposedly even right in my county. Well maybe a couple.
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    I would suspect that the people doing the shooting were not familiar with the anatomy of the animal and didn't have good shot placement. In VT people hunt bears, with dogs, and more often than not are using large caliber handguns. Suppose I would too if I had to chase the damn dogs for miles through the puckerbrush. On the issue of the cougar, they supposedly don't exist here in VT either (catamounts anyhow, I think they are the same thing?) Despite the fact that in the last 20 years I have seen two personally. If the state admits they are living in the area, even just one or two, they would be endangered and thus the land would have to be protected as habitat (kinda like wet lands are for birds). That would hinder or effectively shut down developement options for the land. Funny how that works when the state making money is the deciding factor.:confused: