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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by partdeux, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. partdeux

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    Friend of mine is struggling to maintain his sanity and his startup business is beginning to move beyond paying hobby into a real live business.

    He's doing commercial reloading, and is principally building to order. His inventory control is "damn it I ran out again". His order tracking is literally on scraps of papers. He's marginally computer literate. IMO he has no idea if he's making money or not, and IMO, he's undercharging, but all he knows is his bills are getting paid.

    So, I'm looking for a couple of suggestions for a unified POS and Inv control software for him
    1. track customers & their orders
    2. payments
    3. when a customer places an order removes from inventory the components
    4. set up automatic order flags
    5. inexpensive to purchase

    thank you

  2. EW1066

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    While I highly recommend getting a POS/inventory control system. I would also recommend that he get someone with computer skills to run the system. It sounds like he has his hands full simply keeping up with orders. A unified system, while wonderful, is not automatic. He will need to ACCURATELY record all "raw material" when it comes in. Record when it is used to create salable inventory. And obviously enter the customers orders.

    He needs to expand his business to a two person operation. Him creating product and another person taking care of the business of doing business.

  3. Belltactical

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    Well, yeah. If you're busy enough to need software to run the business then you should have someone running the business.
    As for the POS software, I pay a company $50./month to take care of programming, changes, problems, etc. they dial in remotely (yeah, there's security to keep the hackers out and it's not connected to the net unless I've called for service, then I plug it back in).
  4. partdeux

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    he's right on the cusp of flipping over to being a business.. When I walked in today his shop today, he had a big pile of cash in his hand and product scattered all over the place. We chatted about the scattered pieces of paper with notes and orders all over the place... and my order STILL isn't prepared, LOL