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    Looking for reduced loads for 7mm-08 using pistol powder, specifically Blue Dot, and 100gr. and or 110gr. bullets.

    I read an article in Handloader Magazine that addressed using Trail Boss for reduced loads. It also gave the "formula" for finding a starting load by basically filling the case, weighing the charge and reducing it by a certain percentage. Figures I can't find that issue now.

    If anyone has experience using Blue Dot specifically, or can give me some reading references, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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    If you are going to attempt this then you need to invest in this software. This is about the only safe way you can go about this.
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    Most pistol powders fill the case to much less than 50% capacity. This leaves the possibility of a double charge (bad Ju-Ju!).

    The Lyman loading manual will have some loads for cast bullets in the 7-08 using pistol powders. Exercise EXTREME caution in trying these loads out with jacketed bullets.

    I once blew up a rifle using Unique and will not do it again. My reduced loads are basically advertised starting loads. Less than that may get you in as much trouble as a 2x pistol powder load.
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    high capacity cases using greatly reduced loads people often use case fillers to be sure the powder is near the primer. i load very reduced loads for my 458 winmag this sometimes leaqds to me having to do the tilt up the rifle thing so the pwder is near the primer and will ignite. but ive been loading for the 458 and experimenting with it for nearly 2 decades so im comfy in what it can and cant do. extremelyversatile cartridge. i digress. if your case is not full enough due to reduced loads it can cause partial ignition or detonation or a squib with no ignition at all leaving a bullet stuck in the barrel. i tend to pick the bulkiest powders available for reduced loads thereby alleviating under filled case issue. lots of people that do this use some sort of case filler working something like shotgun wadding. ive heard of folks using dacron fiber a lot. personally i just dont reduce my loads THAT low.
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    Thanks that's what I was looking for. Appreciate the guidance.