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    Hi Friends, Am looking at pocket pistols. Have read from a dealer on gun broker that the slide on small pocket pistols are hard to operate. I'm 65 years old and due to an illness have lost strength in my hands. I have a S&W 22a and a ruger SR9 and can pull the slides back on them pretty well with my right hand. Should I give up on pocket pistols? And does anyone know anything about Jeminez or Kel-Tec small guns? Thanks, Bernie
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    Kel-Tec's have a great reputation as small carry guns. I don't care for their triggers honestly.

    Some pocket pistols have stiff slides, but there are plenty that fairly easy to operate. Find a gun store and play around with a few.

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    Kel-Tec: Thumbs up.
    Jimenez: Thumbs down.

    PS: I've become a HUGE fan of the Ruger LCP.380. It's my main carry now, with the 10-rd. ProMag as a thin extended grip. Slide-racking resistance on it?... I guess it's average. Love the lightness and easy carryability of the LCP and, especially since I pack it with 10+1, feel confident enough with it. I strongly suggest you at least handle one before you decide. Ruger has sold a half-million (!) of these in less than 3 years... That says a lot.
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    Agree. Kel-tec pretty good. Jiminez or Jennings pretty bad.

    On racking the slide- if you are right handed, try this:
    Hold gun in your right hand, point gun towards the 10 o'clock direction, grasp slide in your left hand. Shove your hands TOWARDS each other briskly.

    Works much better than hold in one hand, and trying to pull with the other.
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  6. hideit

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    absolutely - great comment for this individual
    i had one and my wife lost it - really
    wish i had it back

    this is the one i would get if i were you
    i do understand the lost of strength - my wife can't operate most semiautomatics bigger than 22s and i also have some trouble sometimes
    i like to look for semis that have an exposed hammer so i can cock it back before racking the slide
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    You like the SR9 you have, why not look at the SR9C? Same basic pistol in a concealable size.
  8. JonM

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    if your having trouble racking slides go revolver...
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    I have a keltec

    The Keltec feels like a kick on your hand every time you fire it, in general a 9mm round will have that effect on small guns because of the small mass of that type of weapon.

    Really there is a moment at the range when I'm shooting a pf9 when I'm wondering whether my hand will last until I finish my box of ammo.( you have to practice!).

    Still, don't give up on pocket guns.
    I would onsider a 5 shooter like a rugger LCR: .38 special is easier to handle because it delivers a slightly bigger round than a 9mm but a bit slower.
    No slide to mess with, pus this revolver is very light.
    Add $100 to te price of the keltec to get this one:cool:
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    I'm not sure how much your willing to spend, but I just got a Sig P238, and the slide on it is VERY easy to operate. I just got it last night, and only had a chance to fire 50 rounds through it, but it's an awesome little pistol.

    It is very accurate out to 7 yards for such a small gun, and since it's an aluminum frame, the recoil isn't bad, especially when compared to other .380s of similar size (LCP or P3AT).

    They can be had for around $600 easily, but I have seen them as low as $500 at gun shows.

  11. NGIB

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    My Sig P238 is my primary carry during the summer. It's light, easy to carry, and a great shooter...

  12. FreedomFighter69

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    I Love the Sig 238 ! I gotta add that to my collection especially to give my Sig 1911 a little buddy !
  13. JTJ

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    I have a Kel-Tek P3AT and a PF9. The PF9 is my main carry gun. I only carry the P3AT when I cant hide the PF9 and that is seldom. They are both ammo sensitive. Try any carry ammo before you carry. My P3AT likes XTP's. My PF9 hates 115gr in any form but loves 124gr XTP's and hardball. The P3AT will beat the crap out of your trigger finger if you do not choke it to death. I fired a lot of rounds making sure the ammo worked every time.

    For some reason the LCP does not point well for me so I bypassed it. Same with the Taurus and a couple of others. I have not fired the Sig or the new S&W Bodyguard but they both feel good and point perfectly for me. They both cost more than the LCP and Kel-Tek but are worth it. The S&W is good quality and has an inboard lazer. The Sig just feels like quality. I am looking into the possibility of raffling off a Sig and a S&W as a fund raiser for our local FNRA Committee.

    Good suggestion on the Beretta Tomcat but 32's have a lot of problems with reliability. The older guns were designed for hardball. The newer HP's are a bit shorter and leave a little space in the mags. The 32 is a semi rimmed cartridge and they suffer from rim-over because of the extra space. Some of the newer guns have tightened the mags but I dont know if the Tomacat has fixed the rim-over problem. Again, shoot the carry ammo before you carry.

    The LCR revolver may be an excellent choice along eith the Smiths. It is light weight and has a good trigger. Ammo is not as critical on a revolver but it is still a good idea to shoot what you carry. I find it is easier to carry my PF9 than a small revolver. The Kahr pistols are a bit more money but the quality is excellent.

    My wife found she did not like the double action trigger pull of the revolver and is currently shooting a Glock 19. I have been looking at the Ruger SR9C for her as it has a smaller grip. She has decided that she wants to fire my PF9which she has dry fired. I dont push her. It has to be her choice. If she is OK with the PF9 I will try her out on a Kahr. Her choice but if she goes for the Kahr I will probably switch too which means a double batch of expensive ammo. I am also looking at the the Sig or S&W 380's for her. I am avoiding the double action pistols since she does not like the trigger pull.
  14. BillM

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    Small semi-auto's come in 2 flavors. Locked breech and blowback.

    Blowback. Generally larger, heavier and harder to rack the slide. The
    Tomcat is a blowback 32. The tip up barrel is nice, but it has NO
    extractor. If you ever have a misfire (and I have) it's a real pain in the
    butt to clear. The cheapies--Jennings, Bryco, etc. are blowbacks.
    Nothing really WRONG with the system, there are some dandy 32's and
    380's out there that are blowbacks---Bersa, Walther etc.

    Locked breech. Ruger LCP, the Kel-Tec bunch, etc. Lighter, easier to
    rack the slide. My wife has arthritis in her hands. She can rack and shoot
    my old (hers now) Kel-Tec P32. She has problems with my LCP. She had
    a Tomcat, and could NOT rack the slide comfortably.

    Revolvers. J-frame is pretty much the standard. 642's are light, can be had
    with laser grips. If you have hand problems they might not be for you. Wife
    tried one and it hurt her to pull the trigger. The Ruger LCR is supposed to
    have a lighter trigger, but I haven't tried one yet.
  15. fireguy

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    I have a p11 keltec 9mm. It is easy to conceal in a pocket holster and it doesn't weigh much. BUT it can be a bear to rack the slide. I've heard from some dealers that some women who bought them for carry guns have traded them in because they couldn't rack them. I am no weakling, but have to make sure I get a good grip before I pull mine back. It packs a pretty good wallop when using hot rounds, too. If I shoot several mags at a session it can abraid the web of my hand between the thumb and index finger. I'm going to remember to wear gloves the next time I shoot it a lot at one time.
    Good luck in finding the gun you want, I don't think the Keltec p11 would be a good fit for you.
  16. StanDJ77

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    I own a kel-tec and when i think of a pocket gun, thats the one. Just keep her clean and lubed and you shouldnt have a problem:)
  17. CHLChris

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    Is the Kahr family off this list because of cost? To load, you only need to lock the slide back and release it using your thumb after loading the magazine. I love my Kahr PM9. The trigger is really light and it is DAO. You need to completely pull the trigger for each shot, but that is no problem at the range. It is a great pocket pistol.