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pocket clips

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Can keeping a clip in your pocket make it so dirty that the dirt from the first few rounds can clog the gun and make it dangerous to shoot?
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"In everyday usage it's all the same; and no differentiation needs to be made between the two. "

That may be true enough for "everday usage", but it's wrong. And a differentiation does need to be made, otherwise who knows what is meant when one guy talks of a removable magazine and another actually speaks of a clip? I just had to check out this thread to find out what a "pocket clip" is!

In everyday usage, cartridges are "bullets", bullets are "bullet tips", semi-auto rifles are "assault rifles", assault rifles fire "high power bullets", gun powders are "explosive", .... etc. And it's all wrong.

We are involved in a somewhat technical activity and it helps if we use the technically correct words to communicate. Why accept wrong word usage simply because it's common when it can be corrected so easily? I think Dillinger did it as kindly as it could be done before he spoke to the question itself.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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