Pocket Carry Practice?

Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by Winchester, May 25, 2007.

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    I have noticed many folks on here that advocate carrying a pocket gun for CCW. I don't know if all these types of guns are referred to as 'mouse' guns or not but I'd have to assume they are pretty small. My question is this:

    If you use a pocket carry gun as your primary CCW, do you also practice with it regularly?

    This is mostly a curious question from my perspective. I tried a number of pistols before settling on carrying a full sized service pistol. My rational ended up being that I wanted to have on me a gun that I was willing to practice with A LOT so I'd get good at it. After trying those small guns, it just seemed like they'd be really painful to shoot very much. So, if you carry one, do you really practice with it a lot?
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    I agree with you..I would carry a pistol that I have shot and comfortable with. But I think maybe they feel since they can shoot the real thing (being bigger pistol) that its the same thing with a smaller one.....To each its own I presume...

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    Small guns are generally painful to shoot

    Unlike many gun owners, I never feel "under-gunned", as long as I have a weapon with me. The current crop of tiny .45's and 9mm's are often uncomfortable to shoot, thereby reducing practice time.

    I find that I can carry a full size weapon just as easily, and rarely does anyone notice I am armed ( it DOES require thinking ahead as to clothing and potential situations, but it is well worth it to carry a full size weapon ).

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    While I no longer carry a handgun for protection (CCW permits are pretty rare things here in Canuckistan), my feeling is that one should do enough practice to use any tool within its limitations.
    My knives are only good for contact range, I don't practice throwing them, because that's beyond my limitation of their use.
    The FN Baby (.25 ACP) got practice use from contact to about 5 metres, The PPK (.32 ACP) got shot regularly to 25m (and was surprisingly accurate), the P35 (9mmP) regularly saw targets to 50m, even though it's actual accuracy was less than the PPK, its power made it more capable of being called-on to reach the longer range. The Security Six and the GP100 that followed it regularly whacked bowling pins at 100m.
    So the .357's fired several thousand rounds per year, the P35, 1500 or 2000 per year, the PPK, maybe 500-to-800 and the Baby, perhaps 200 per year

    My standard of accuracy was the bowling pin, being a fair approximation of the CoM of an adult.


    Pocket Gun Carry

    Hello all


    While I like to carry a full size pistol like the 1911A1 or a BHP, I do see a need to carry something a bit smaller and lighter day to day and in hot weather! I like the PP series of Pistol, like the DA/SA option, but all steel Guns are small, yet heavy! I prefer and carry a Alloy Frame PA-63 in 9MM Makarov! It's a lite, dependable package that's availavle, affordable and feels like a PP without the crappy 32 acp caliber and the crazy cost of a Walther? This one will slip into the small of the back or easily into a pocket holster and be right at home? One more obtion you all should consider, before these all go away or go up in cost?> I got mine used for like $175, off paper, they sell for like 130$ wholesale in shotgun news for now and they are still coming in?
    Just a thought, but it works for me and a lot of others?

    RON L