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  1. jpohl402

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    I apologize for not searching - hardly have any time & would like this thread to be a general summary, all-inclusive thread.
    I typically always wear jeans while using a comp-tac IWB holster carrying either a Springfield XD or a Walther PPS. I LOVE LOVE both these guns as well as the holster. However, this holster has clips that have to go over the actual belt & therefore visible if shirt tucked in....

    For a new position I am required to wear dress slacks & tucked in shirt. Even if the shirt was un-tucked, I don't feel that the slacks are strong enough (very thin) to support the plastic holster & heavy gun - feels like it would weigh pants down quite a bit if that makes sense....

    Anyway, what are my options as I certainly don't like being without a firearm?
    I was thinking a very small (NO EXPERIENCE W THEM) Kel-tec or similar, IN A small holster, that tucks into the front pocket of dress slacks....
    I wouldn't want something that would severely sag the pants down though from that pocket (i.e. LIGHTER is better.)

    Looking for ideas/ways to carry/holsters to use/brands & calibers of firearms recommended/any relevant info. Ideally, not a .22 though I fully realize it is a "capable" caliber & nothing to scoff at.... .25, .32, etc - what do these bullets cost? Availability of ammo these days with crazy shortages?
    Kind Regards
  2. Win73

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    For those times when my S & W Airweight .38 Special snub is too large or heavy I just drop my Ruger LCP .380 in my pocket. It is so small that that it basically disappears in my pocket and is so light that I can't even feel that it is there most of the time.

  3. JonM

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    im partial to the bersa thunder pistols. i got 3 of em. 2 thunder 380 plus 15+1 rounders and my wife's thunder 380 7+1. reason i like em is they fix some of the issues of the ppk/s. that being weight, slide height above the gun hand, and ammo pickiness. the bersa chamber is about level with the top round in the mag alleviating pretty much any feed issues. i am of the opinion that 380acp is the smallest viable self defense round one should carry. the bersas are pretty accurate for the price point and even beat other more costly 380's.

    controls on the bersa thunders are easy to use. triggers are pretty nice for a 380 with some creep in single action mode.

    break in by shooting at least 500 rounds is a must with these guns to ensure reliability by working out any burrs. the more they go bang the smoother they get. the thunder plus i have fired the most is like butter smooth rivaling even the manhurin made ppk's.

    the only drawback to the bersas i have found is turn around on repairs if a part breaks. if i need something smaller than my colt new agent to shove in a pocket that i know is easy to shoot and accurate i got the bersa.

    finish is cheap but its a cheap gun i wasnt looking for colt royal bluing when i boght it. the bersa thunders are a very overlooked quality gun for their low price.
  4. pumpkinball

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    i feel that the lcp or p3at either one would be an excellent working choice applied with a wallet holster. depending on your body shape and size you could also look into a pf9. just a lil bigger and its a luger. good luck to you.
  5. JTJ

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    I carry a P3AT on those occasions when I cant carry anything bigger. I use a flat pocket holster. The LCP doesn't point right for me and if it doesn't point I dont buy it. I have shot the Sig 238 (380) and it is the best one I have shot. It is a joy to shoot. At 7 yds I was high and right but still in my 5" target dot. It is twice the price of a P3AT but worth it. The new S&W Bodyguard in 380 handles points and handles well and comes with a laser but I have not shot it. I have not handled a Kahr. I would not mess with anything under the 380. 32 ACP is a semi rimmed cartride and there have been a lot of problems with rim over jams.
    My P3AT is a nasty little gun to hold onto. Hold it tight or it will beat your trigger finger badly. If I carry it, I shoot it and range time is not that much fun with it. A piece of bicycle innertube over the handle helps. 380 ammo is in high demand and production has not caught up. Mine digests XTP's with no failures. If you get P3AT, get the extended mag for your 2nd mag.
  6. stalkingbear

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    Another vote for the Ruger LCP. I ALWAYS carry mine in my front pocket and it has never malfunctioned yet-even with pocket lint on/in it.
  7. General_lee

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    Ruger LCP .380
    Kel Tec P3AT .380
    Kel Tec P32 .32acp.

    If you need something smaller than that, then you might look into North American Arms Mini Revolvers.
  8. Alchemist

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    Ruger LCP .380... 10 oz!... Over 500,000 sold in less than 3 years... for good reasons.
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  9. freefall

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    I like my PF-9 in my hip pocket.
  10. mpd8488

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    earlier this year I was in the market for a slim semi auto .380 for deep concealment. I went with a Taurus TCP over the Ruger LCP because it had a much better trigger than the LCP. I also liked that the slide stays back after the last round is fired. I didn't like that the Kel Tec P3AT had no slide stop at all.

    The first time I took it to the range I had some failure to feeds that i eventually attributed to my grip. With only 2 fingers on the grip I think I was limp wristing. I firmed up my grip and haven't had any failures of any kind since. It certainly isn't what I would call an accurate gun, but the rounds are consistently in the circles at 7 yards, which is all I was hoping for with such a tiny gun. I'm quite happy considering I paid about $300 out the door with a pocket holster and 2 boxes of ammo.

    In fairness a lot of folks have had some pretty bad experiences with Taurus handguns, especially compared to Ruger. I've had good luck with 2 so far. [knocks on wood]
  11. sweeper22

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    If price is of little concern: Rohrbaugh R9

    But if you're like the rest of us chumps on a budget: check out offerings from Kahr, Ruger, and KelTec
  12. King Ghidora

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    Taurus is a company that will either sell you a fantastic gun or a total piece of crap gun. Usually you can tell which is which just by looking at them because the bad ones are obviously bad. I took a chance knowing I was buying from a dealer that would stand behind what he sold. He was the one who talked me into getting a Taurus PT-145 when I actually had it in my head to get a Glock. I had looked at nearly every Glock model made and none of them really fit my large hands so he suggested I try the Taurus. I knew they had a questionable reputation so I went home and checked out the comments on the particular model I was looking at. Almost every comment I found was positive and the only complaints were very minor and were about models from an earlier year that most people had been fixed in the new model. I bought the Taurus knowing I had another gun for CCW and knowing they had a lifetime warranty and knowing I was dealing with a guy I could trust. It turned out that I didn't need to worry about it. That gun has now fired over 3000 rounds and it has yet to have a single problem other than one round failed to fire on the first strike. It did fire on the second strike. That has to be an ammo problem though. My Taurus has been perfect IMO. It's very accurate to 25 yards and dependable as it gets.

    So not all Taurus models are junk. They gave themselves a bad rep a few years ago selling just a few models that were total junk. They have been trying hard to overcome that bad rep since then and they have gone above and beyond if you ask me. Go to a Taurus board and you'll find very few complaints at all.

    I haven't heard anything negative about the Ruger .380's being discussed but I have heard things about Kel-tec's. My brother's brother in law is a LEO and he carried a Kel-tec for a while then he quit carrying it . I don't really know why but I intend to ask him Christmas when I will probably see him. But I've seen complaints about some of their small models on the net. I have no personal experience with them though.

    You hit on something very important too. You'll want to use a pocket holster for sure. There are just too many things that can go wrong with carrying any gun in a pocket. A holster prevents a lot of those problems.
  13. jpohl402

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    Thanks guys for all comments/suggestions - I made a decision.

    Ended up going with Taurus TCP and love it.

    I purchased both a Desantis Nemesis and Uncle Mike's Pocket Holster as well.
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  14. Phelenwolf

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    Let us know how your Taurus TCP does. I picked up a stainless Taurus Model 85 Ultra-light this weekend have not had a chance to go to the range with it yet. I can not wait, I have several other weapons I have to go shoot as well.

  15. Thelt

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    I like my LCP a lot. I had a Kel Tec P32 and it was easy to carry but jammed on me one time bad enough that I had to get a screw driver to clear it. That was with ball ammo. I traded it shortly thereafter.

    Despite its size and weight I find I can shoot the LCP well and recoil is not bad at all.
  16. Bighead

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    Enjoy the Taurus.

    For others interested in the topic, I'm adding another vote for the Ruger LCP (or Keltec P3AT) in a DeSantis Nemesis Pocket Holster.

    Kahr pistols are also very good, but cost prohibitive compared to the other choices.

    I am also very interested in how well the coming Ruger LC9 is going to pocket carry.
  17. Nomad1959

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    Go to Crossbreed Holsters Crossbreed Holsters > Home and check out the supertuck holster. It can be used with special clips and velcro for your belt. Cannot be seen and is a unbeleivably comfortable IWB holster. There is one for your PPS. I for one would not want to carry a mouse gun and my PPS 40, Julie, goes everywhere with me.
  18. Bighead

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    News from the Shot Show 2011

    Kahr pistols is going to introduce the PM9 as a value CW model, the CM9. Less machining on the slide, pinned front sight instead of dovetail, and a barrel with conventional rifling. Price point should be somewhere around $400.

  19. BLRacing67

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    I have also heard good things about the Taurus's and do like the slide hold open feature, but it was not out when I bought by P3AT Kel Tec. That being said, I still have my Kel Tec. Great gun for this purpose- can't really imagine anything better, especially when taking price into consideration.
  20. canebrake

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    Here's Mike Golden's suggestion:


    He has deep pockets.