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    Today we went to our local indoor range and rented a few guns for my wife to try for her CC piece. We rented a Kahr PM9, a Ruger LCR (chambered in .38 Special +P), a Ruger LC9, and the owner of the range let us try his Ruger SP101 just for the heck of it.

    The first time I picked up a Kahr PM9 was a few weeks ago. I loved the size and how it felt. Well I didn't enjoy shooting it. Don't get me wrong, I really like the trigger. Very crisp, little creep, consistent, and I don't mind the length of it. However, the gun was actually knocking me pretty well in the web of my hand between my thumb and pointer finger. My grip was the same as it always is (have never had a problem before). It was not comfortable to shoot. I realize most guns of this size will not be comfortable to shoot, but I believe I can find one that is better than this was.

    Next, we exchanged it for a Ruger LCR, in .38 Special. I, personally, like this gun a lot. I like the trigger and the lightweight. With the stock grips, it was very comfortable for me to shoot. The only problem with this gun was that it essentially had a "reset," where you could advance the cylinder to the next chamber (by pulling the trigger) but it doesn't allow the firing pin to strike. I actually skipped two rounds in my first cylinder because I didn't notice this problem at first. I returned it to the range staff, and explained the problem, and I am confident they will send it into Ruger for work.

    Next, as I returned the LCR to the staff, the owner hands me a Ruger LC9 (I didn't ask for it, and he didn't charge me for it). He said, "do you have any 9mm left back there?" I said yes, and he handed me the LC9 rental to try out. He was the one helping my wife and I out when we were looking at his single stacked 9mms for sale on the floor, so he knew what we were interested in anyway. I didn't much care for this gun. It didn't fit my hand very well, had a relatively high bore-axis, and I couldn't stand the trigger. It seemed mushy and rather inconsistent. Maybe it was just this particular rental, but it didn't even feel right in my hand. So no, thanks. I'll pass.

    When I returned the LC9, the owner pulls his Ruger SP101 out of his holster, unloads it, and says "here, try this." I ask if he's sure. I mean, they had rental SP101s on the wall. I told him that and asked why I would use HIS personal gun when I could use one of the store's rentals. He said, "well, none of those have a 4" bbl. Your wife might like the 4" bbl." "You know, you might be right," I say. I really enjoyed shooting the SP101, and out of the four guns we shot that weren't ours, it was my wife's favorite too.

    She did say the 4" bbl doesn't really appeal to her for CC, though. She doesn't mind the weight, but the length of the gun is an issue. I thought about the snubbie version, but she's not sure if it will shoot as nicely without the heavy bbl on the front. We are going to continue renting and trying various guns over the next couple months until she find's one she falls in love with for CC.

    By the way, out of all the guns we shot, we didn't have a single malfunction of any kind. We used Federal white box FMJ (9 mm) ammo and PMC Bronze FMJ (both 9mm and .38 Special). I was definitely pleased to see the semi-autos functioning flawlessly, despite being rentals and having never been cleaned. I expected the wheel guns to function flawlessly. I am a little disappointed with the Ruger LCR in terms of the timing issue. But like I said, the gun will be sent into Ruger by the store and all will be well.

    All in all, it was a very fun day and I'm glad we went. I've considered buying every one of the above guns (except the SP101) as a CC piece for myself. Now, probably not.

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    I have had the Kahr and have an LC9 for a BUG. I agree with you, they are not "ladies" guns (excuse the chauvinism). They both have long trigger pulls which is good, I think for an EDC, but they both are kind of nasty in the recoil dept. It's a trade off, I think; a small, lightweight gun doesn't have the mass to tame the recoil of some of the defensive 9mm rounds out there.
    You are doing the exact right thing tho for your wife. Try a bunch of them and let her find the one she's comfortable with.
    By the way, thank her a bunch for being willing to participate in the gun sports, and the protection of her family. More and more of the distaff side are joining the ranks and that's terrific.

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    Thanks for the input. Since weight isn't an issue for her, we're considering a steel frame sub-compact. That would definitely eat up the recoil a fair amount. Unfortunately, the only one I can think of is the Sig P938, and although I love the feel of the gun, neither one of us is sold on having a thumb safety.

    I'm a pretty lucky guy, to be perfectly honest.
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    You know your wife can have more than one gun. We all have guns we carry a lot and shoot very seldom. It's very difficult to find a gun that one can pocket carry or carry in a flashbang that is going to be fun to shoot. When your adrenaline is rolling you won't feel recoil. Just shoot the pocket carry enough to remember the proper sight picture.

    I have a jennings J-22 that I use to keep the proper grip. When shooting a semi auto mouse gun you can use the trigger guard to maintain the proper grip. Since the jennings is not an EDC I don't care if it jams every 10 magazines or so. I just want to focus on keeping the proper 70/30 grip so I can shoot the gun accurately.

    Both my wife and I can hit a 6" steel almost every time with a Kel Tec P 3AT at 10 yards. Hitting the man sized paper cutouts that most people shoot isn't much of a challenge. The Kel Tec P 11 is much more accurate. At 10 yards I can shoot a very small group. But I am not going to shoot either gun very often, they are hard on the hands.

    We have full size pistols that we shoot all the time for fun. I can carry a full size 1911 if I put my mind to it. But to run to the store I am not going to get rigged up to carry a full size gun. I am just going to grab a mouse gun that I can put in my pocket. I am not James Bond. I just need a gun to stop someone from throwing me in a car.

    I wouldn't use my gun to stop an armed robbery. The guy has the drop on me. I am going to give him the money and pray he goes away. Even if I could shoot the guy, if it's obvious he is going away I am going to let him go for the money in my pocket. I can call the credit card company to get my credit cards stopped before he has a chance to use them. For pocket money it's not worth the trauma of shooting someone. Let the police do their job.

    In this area every business is monitored by a camera. Most armed robbers are caught in less than a week.
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    If you can find one to shoot...I would recommend the S&W Shield in 9mm. It has a thumb safety which you may or may not appreciate, but I find the ergonomics of the gun good enough for me to want to shoot it often...that is, neither my wife or I find the recoil terribly unpleasant. The slim profile and reasonable weight are a good combination imho
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    I have a 2.2" SP101 and it shoots quite well. I like the Winchester 110 grain mag loads which are not as hot as the 125's. They are a handful with full power 125 and 158. kittens with 38+P.
    You need to try the Sig P938. I did not like the Kahr or the LC9. The 938 is very different than them and a good shooter.
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    Most of you got it wrong. You acquire a gun first. Then you find a wife to match it. Then a truck to carry both.
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    I got the wife first. When I told her I was a Vet and had "Many Military & Cops In my Family", she said "then you'll get along great with My Dad & Brother,..they were Both NYPD, now retired."