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  1. Missouribound

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    Hello all. 5'8", 210 #....not fat but years of drinking beer have given me this body. (and I doubt I am the only one here) Any, who carries and with what gear? Comfort is an issue, and not being trim I have concerns about purchasing a quality holster and not being able to sit comfortably. Has anyone any suggestions as to where to start my holster search. I'll probably wind up carrying a small auto, PPK or Bersa Thunder....something that size. Thanks for any advice you can share.:)
  2. mdauben

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    I'm quite a bit heavier than you and I have no problem carrying a full size Glock 17 comfortably with a good IWB holster and quality gun belt. I would not think a smaller gun like the PPK or Bersa would be any problem.

    I'm right handed and I carry in the 4:00 position (just behind my right hip) easily. I would have problems trying to use "appendix carry" (in front of the hip on the right side) or cross draw (in front of the hip on the left side) due to my shape but behind the hip is not a problem.

    Just get a good holster in leather or kydex and a good gun belt. I prefer strap attachments or slots but if you need to take your gun on and off during the day (at work for example) some people prefer belt clips. I don't have much use for nylon holsters. I've never seen one that held the gun securely and consistently enough for my tastes.

  3. levelcross

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    I started with the hybrid IWB holsters and had good results with them carrying a G22 or a compact 1911. Then I found the Remora or Sticky holsters for IWB and like those as well. Now I mainly carry with a Kydex OWB holster for my G22 or 1911 or SP101 for the comfort factor. The 3:30-4:00 works best for me with all of my holsters. My wife carries a Bersa 380 CC in a Remora or Sticky IWB daily and swears by it.
  4. Chase127

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    I am 5'7 220# so i understand i have found for my XD a shoulder rig by galco is most comfortable
  5. kytowboater

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    6'2 240 lbs with love handles. Desantis iwb @3:00 with compact 1911.
  6. DrumJunkie

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    With the right holster and belt dang near anything is pretty ea silly carried. for 1911's I have a Bianchi IWB (about 3:45 ;)) Double stacks I lean to OWB rigs just because they seem more comfy for me.
  7. shouldazagged

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    I have what some people call Dunlap's Disease--my belly done lapped over my belt. I mostly carry in my right front pants pocket in an Uncle Mike's pocket holster. I carry an all-steel J-frame comfortably.
  8. hardluk1

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    Missouri Your a skinny guy. I'm 5-9 and 240lb I iwb a cw9 in a comp-tac at a 2:10 possition an can touch in shirt. The bersas from the 380CC to the thunder plus are great guns for the money in 380 cal. I do also pocket carry a cm9.
  9. cnorman18

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    5'6" and 215 lbs. I carry a SIG P238 in a CrossBreed MiniTuck over my right front pants pocket. I don't even worry about "printing" any more. It's invisible with a dark or patterned shirt, quick into action, and accessible when I'm behind the wheel. Great gun, great holster.
  10. trip286

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    6' and 245
    Full size 1911 at 4 o'clock in a Longballer custom IWB.

    My first day wearing it, I put up about 1K feet of picket fence, and rode a horse around a pasture of over 100 acres repairing barbed wire fence.

    I drove an hour to and from the place, in my midsize sedan (dodge avenger), with no comfort issues either. It doesn't have nearly the room to sprawl like my old Cadillac did.

    Comfort, fit, and security were top notch. The guy I was with never even noticed.

    I don't think he's making anymore right now though. I hope he gets back into producing.
  11. aworldexport

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    Ace Case They are in Missouri I live in MO and it took just a couple days to deliever I use an IWB for a Kel Tec Pf-9 and a Tarus 45 Mill Pro. $10 a piece. Comfortable and after a year no rips or loosening of the clip. I'm sure there are higher quality holsters but these work for me. My holster box always gets another put in when i come across something different i like. Ladies get to collect shoes. I have my holster collection.I'm sure your collection will grow as you try out various kinds.