Plinking... favorite guns and targets, etc.

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by KingGlamis, Aug 20, 2013.

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    When plinking (aka target shooting for fun), what are your favorite guns, targets, techniques, etc.? Thought it might be a fun topic.

    First off, when shooting outdoors I am a big fan of leaving the area cleaner than when I arrived. So all my targets, unless they can be food for critters, are cleaned up.

    I like to shoot as many different guns as possible when plinking. So bringing friends with more guns is cool. My favorite is my AR-15. But that gets expensive real quick so we shoot a lot from our 9mm pistols. Love shotguns too. I used to own a 30-06 that was really fun for destroying just about any target. Will split an old-school VW cylinder head in pieces no problem.

    We often buy cheap targets, like pudding cups, cans of soda, small targets that are hard to hit. Makes it more fun. Tannerite is always fun too!

    I have much more to add, just thought I would get this started.